Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Surrender!

That's it!  I'm done fighting!  I my Christmas tree lights!

We have had an artificial Christmas tree for about 15 years.  I love lots of lights and consider it a challenge to wrap every branch in lights from the inside out.

It seems that every year I have to replace a strand or two.  But this year it was different!  I always test the lights by plugging them in before placing them on the tree.  Tonight I had four strands where only half the lights worked....four strands!

I give up!  I am not going to replace four strands.  This year instead of wrapping each branch, I am spreading them out and living with what I have.  I'm not gonna like it, but I will survive.

When I think about all the technology our world has to offer, can someone really not invent Christmas lights that stay lit for more than one year!

I refuse to look at that bare spot on the bottom.  Tomorrow after I have cooled down, I might adjust them.  But I refuse to buy more lights!  The lights win this year!

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