Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Have Made a Difference

Thank you Two Writing Teachers!

With this week being Teacher Appreciation Week, 
I think it would quite fitting to thank a teacher today.

Not just one teacher
many teachers

who have
inspired me
encouraged me
pushed me
supported me

to become a better teacher 
a better writer
a better person

You have made a difference
to me...

Thank You!


  1. Leigh Anne, Thank you for a beautiful poem! And thank YOU for inspiring me with your enthusiasm, and your talent and your creative ideas! I am certainly a better teacher for knowing Y-O-U!!!!

  2. Beautiful poem, Leigh Anne! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you too!

  3. Right back at you Leigh Anne! Thank you. What a great message.

  4. That's lovely Leigh Anne - sending appreciation wishes right back at you, too!

  5. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to you, too, Leigh Anne. Hope it's a terrific one! Thank you for this-a happy surprise at the start of the day!

  6. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you as well, Leigh Anne. Teachers are exceptional people. Not everyone is cut out to be one, but those who are really can change the world.

  7. You are so thoughtful! What a sweet message you send out into the world. You are a joy and I can't wait to meet up in person. Happy Teacher Appreciation to you too!

  8. What a thoughtful post, Leigh Anne! Working with adult learners, I often hear them talk about the teachers who made the biggest impact on their lives. I ask them if they were able to reconnect with these teachers and tell them just how important they were! I will share your poem and the video with my students :-)

  9. What a great message for us today on teacher appreciation day and on all the other days too. Thank you for the smile and the reminder!