Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

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This week as I was searching through my tubs of books looking for a picture book I wanted to use for a lesson, I came across this book.  Just by looking at the book, I could not recall which book it was or from where it came.  It certainly was not familiar.

I pulled it out and looked at the spine and realized it was a Cynthia Rylant book.  Then I remembered how this book came to be mine.   Our school library in my previous school occasionally weeds out books, and teachers are first in line to take them.  When I saw this was a Cynthia Rylant book, I immediately grabbed it because I knew I could use it in a lesson at some point in time.  

Today, I opened the book and two things caught my eye.  The first one was written at the top of the title page.   "Not AR."  You see, some people have this ridiculous idea that if it is not AR, then kids can't read it.  I know, pretty sad.  I am quite confident this is one of the reasons why it was discarded.

Then I looked toward the bottom of the page and much to my delight, I found that it was a signed copy from 1986!  I do not remember noticing this when I first choose the book.  I am sure I only looked at the title and author and knew I wanted it, but did not open the book.  It has taken me several months to discover this wonderful message written inside.  What a treasure for me and for my students!


  1. Uggh... not AR.
    Love that it was a signed copy! I don't know this book but anything by Cynthia Rylant is a treasure. And welcome back to slicing. I too have been away for a while. It happens.

  2. Wow...a signed copy! So very cool, Leigh Anne.

  3. Wow, someone actually discarded a SIGNED copy of a Cynthia Rylant book with that dismal comment, not AR! You are the smart one, to recognize it for what it is, a treasure.

  4. "Not AR" seems to be sacrilege to be found on the same page as the signature of this amazing author. I'm saddened and inspired by your story all at once. I'm so grateful that you saved this book!!! I desperately hope the person who wrote "not AR" has changed their tune.

  5. I'm with you. Anything with Cynthia Rylant's name on it is something to grab. What a wonderful treasure you have in your hands. Not AR...phhht!!

  6. Not AR! Grrr! Don't even get me STARTED on AR! How I love Cynthia Rylant--and this is not a book I've seen before. Will be looking for it for sure! What a find!