Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When I Was A Kid

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I saw a few tweets yesterday from Seymour Simon with the hashtag #WhenIWasAKid.  I started thinking about my childhood and found the perfect slice for today.  I have to admit, it was a lot of fun finding the pictures and reminiscing.

So here it is...
When I was a kid...

I drank Coca-cola from a bottle and returned them for a deposit.

I could write a entire post just on my hair!
My mom curled my hair with pin curls...and to think I actually have naturally curly hair!
Can you believe I slept on those!

I went from pin curls to pink sponge rollers...

to hot rollers.

My hair styles ranged from Dorothy Hamill...
I actually chemically straightened my hair for the Hamill wedge,

to the Farah Fawcett look.
For my senior pictures, I had the Farah hair...complete with wings!

The Brady Bunch were my role models.  
We played Brady Bunch with my cousins.  I was Jan, and my cousin Beth was always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

My babysitter wouldn't let me watch Dark Shadows after school.

I listened to 45's on my record player AFTER I placed the little plastic thing in the middle.

My favorite Christmas present one year was a Spirograph.

I wore white go-go boots.

These dolls were my favorite!
I could pull on their pony-tails and their hair grew!

And finally...my TV did not have a remote control.
We had to get up and turn the dial to one...of...the...three...stations we got.
No cable back then!

What do you remember...when you were a kid.


  1. 45 records and Spirographs?!?! Yippeee!!! This post brought me back to my childhood! Thanks for the memories! :)

  2. I love it!! This is a great post and brought back many memories of my own. Oh, the hair...

  3. I still have my 45s and a record player! And the glass bottles of coke totally remind me of my Grandma's house! Oh Thanks for writing this post. It made me smile.

  4. I used to sit for hours while my mom put in those bobby pins in my hair the night before picture day or Christmas. I remember waking up with bobby pins on my pillow. Ha! What fun, you did make me smile!

  5. This is a great idea for a post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. How fun! I might have to write my own post about my childhood! My favorite part was the evolution of your hair!

  7. Oh my gosh! Yes all those things. The hair, what an obsession. My mom let me watch Dark Shadows, I think she loved it too but she wouldn't let me watch Laugh-In or wear white boots. Were the two connected? I also watched the Monkeys and the Partridge Family. Lots of TV watching. Love this stuff really worth looking and and comparing to what our kiddos have.

  8. Brings back such memories. I rolled my hair in beer cans to make it straight. I also had the same white boots.

  9. Dare I mention that I also listened to 78s as well as 45s and LPs? Of course I grew up in the 50s and 60s. Love the memories you share, I did watch Dark Shadows after school each day.

  10. Okay - so many of these brought back happy memories. Yes, even white go-go boots!

  11. Oh yes, I was a kid in those days too. Sadly, no boots for me,but I did want them in the worst way. I remember you had to dial a phone and if a number had a lot of nines, it took a while to dial. Plus you had to be home to talk to someone. Great memories!

  12. I remember a Close and Play Phonograph, as well as Shrinky Dinks in the oven :)

  13. This is hilarious! We were just talking at school the other day about the ways we tortured our hair as we were growing up. I shared about the plastic rollers my mom used to put in my hair before I went to bed at night...ouch! What was even worse was when she had to take them out in the AM and they were all tangled together. And don't even get me started with the remote control or the fact that there was only ONE TV in the house for us all to watch! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


  14. I do remember that insert when you went from a regular record to a 45!!!! I had forgotten about that! And yes, the pink curlers... I went from that to sky high 80s hair!

  15. What a great post ... I think I still have that Spirograph! #WhenIWasAKid ... makes me think of that song by Kenny Chesney ... 1970 Something. Lyrics: http://www.gugalyrics.com/lyrics-311558/kenney-chesney-1970-something.html

  16. This is such a neat post. This is definitely going to be something I will have to try doing so thanks for the inspiration!

    As far as when I was a kid, I do remember my dad's record player and my first tape deck! I remember Conair Hot Sticks (and to think I, too, have curly hair now!) and how I loved using them to make my hair look more festive. I remember changing the dial on my television and answering machines (not voicemail) with the little tape in it. Oh, I could go on. And I will once I do my own post on my blog. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  17. Leigh Anne, this was such a fun post to read. I remember the pink sponge rollers. They were so trendy when I was a child. Bobby pins were so popular also. Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Your piece was better than the generic memory lane posts that come out across Facebook.