Friday, June 12, 2015

My First Poetry Friday

Happy Poetry Friday!
This week's poetry round-up is hosted by
Jama's Alphabet Soup
I have never written a Poetry Friday post, but since I have been immersed in poetry this week, I had to share.  To learn more about Poetry Friday click here.)

I have spent this week working with our high ability kids in our corporation.  SPARK Camp (Super Powered Activities to Recharge Kids) is a great way for kids to work on projects which spark their interests and minds.  

The last two summers I have offered a writing session.  This year it was poetry.  I felt a little inadequate or boring because other sessions were using hour of coding, Rube Goldberg, 3-D printer, Augmented Reality, spheros and ollies and I used...a notebook and a pencil.

To enrich my session with technology, I decided we would Skype and create a "book" using Google slides.  On Wednesday, my younger group Skyped with Maragaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche.  Please visit her blog to read more about our visit.  I decided to use haiku with the younger group because I thought it would be an easier form that could be finished in three days.  We collaboratively wrote a haiku with Margaret, and then they set off to write their own using an image about a summer day.

The last two days we completed the Google slides.  Below are two examples from the collection:  Sparks - A Haiku Collection.  

These two poems happen to be about something they observed during our walk in our nature center.

Then on Thursday, my older group Skyped with Laura Purdie Salas.  I used her word play poem lesson on her website.   After a collaborative effort of writing one together, my writers chose their topics and and went to work exploring the thoughts and feelings of their word. They also published using Google slides in Summer Voices:  A Collection of Poems.  

This week was amazing!  My students and I were privileged to be taught by these three (including Linda's contribution of haiku) wonderful writers!  I hope this camp has SPARKed their interest in poetry!


  1. I am so excited that you posted today. I didn't realize you haven't posted on Fridays before. I get all my communities mixed up. What a fun time we had! I just wish I could have taken that walk, too. The poems you've shared are so awesome. I think I'll use the word play lesson for my writing camp in July. I'll be back for mentor texts.

  2. So glad you decided to join the Poetry Friday gang today, Leigh Anne! What fun to hear about all the things you did with the kids this past week in SPARK Camp. There are such great teachers in the PF crowd and it's exciting to see how you all collaborate and exchange ideas. Thanks for sharing the wonderful student poems!

  3. Welcome to Poetry Friday, and thank you (and you, Hannah, Ariana, and McKinsie) for sharing these poems. I would like to travel back in time and be a student in your camp:>)

  4. Happy you joined the party! Thanks for sharing these poems! The experience must have been lots of fun for kids and teachers alike!

  5. You planned beautiful ideas, Leigh Anne. I imagine the students loved every minute. And so glad you're joining in on Poetry Friday. The poem with pictures are wonderful.

  6. Welcome to Poetry Friday! You and Margaret created a magical experience for the students!

  7. So glad you decided to join Poetry Friday, Leigh Anne. I love the poems your students created. How lucky they were to work with you, Margaret,and Laura!

  8. Leigh Ann,
    First of all, welcome to Poetry Friday. I'm so glad to see you here! I just read Margaret's post. The two posts are great reminder of new opportunities through digital literacy. I hear a lot about "blended learning," but it always seems to speak to canned lessons and programs where students work through levels instead of truly learning, truly creating. Love. Love. Love this! Oh, the possibilities.


  9. Welcome to PF, my friend! What amazing poetry-filled week you have had - the student poems are stunning.

  10. Thanks for sharing your students' sparkling poems--they must have had a wonderful week!