Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrate Turn #26

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

When I chose my OLW - turn, I knew my life would be full of turns this year.  I have had to take an extended break from blogging because all of my extra time and energy needed to go toward my family.  So, although I have not celebrated through my words, I have celebrated with you in spirit and through my heart.

I have come to the point in parenting where a kiss and a bandaid no longer make things better.  And realizing this has been very hard.  I have mentioned that my daughter is a first year teacher.  Her road has been anything but smooth.

This week she and I sat and watched The Voice together.  There were no tears, no frustration, no lesson plans, and no emails.  Only smiles, laughter, and a bowl of popcorn between us.  That might seem small to many, for us it was huge.  It has been a long time since we have had a moment like that.

That night after I took my shower and came out of the bathroom, the house was dark and everyone was in bed.  I sat on the couch and listened to the rhythmic breathing of my life. Sitting in the dark living room with only the nightlight illuminating the room, I smiled and tried to hold back the tears.  All was well, even if it was just for one small moment.

When we are going through the hard parts of life, we wonder if we will ever get through them.  When we are going through the easy parts, we don't want them to end. But I know that both parts are necessary and both parts need to be celebrated.  

I don't have a specific celebration this week like I usually do.

I am just celebrating...

the hard and the easy

the smiles and the tears

the past and the present.

And for now, that is enough for me.

Have a great week and may you find many celebrations along the way.


  1. I celebrate this beautiful post and your return to blogging and that moment of breathing!!! :) Yay!

  2. I celebrate with you during the hard and the easy. My daughter is also a teacher and we have certainly had to walk through the tough times with her, too.
    My Celebrate the Week

  3. Your blog speaks to me. I've been in your shoes especially your final thoughts, Having our daughter be a teacher in SC responsible for 33 IEPs it's not easy and I too miss the days of kisses and band aids.

  4. this is beautiful. There are so many hard parts of life! I guess we should learn to celebrate those too... I love the moment you shared -- the moment of things being okay, even if just for a moment.

    I'm in that weird part of parenthood right now (I think all the parts are weird) My 2 boys are still in the kiss and bandaid... my 12 year old is transitioning out of that... but still needs the kisses and the bandaids. I know to cherish this time, but it's still hard sometimes!
    Wishing you many more celebration moments!

  5. Oh Leigh Anne This made me teary. I have been thinking of you a lot. Wishing you the best.

  6. I love visualizing the two of you, that bowl of popcorn, the smiles and the laughter. So glad to hear from you this week. It is hard to realize that we can celebrate the tears as well as the smiles, the hard as well as the easy. Here's to a few more of those quiet breathing moments for you and your daughter!

  7. I've wondered what has happened to you and your posts, Leigh Anne, and am glad you're back, sharing some of what you are celebrating. So glad you & your daughter got to watch The Voice, sharing a special time without worries. Best wishes to her in this trying first year.

  8. I know that feeling.
    I have it every four years when K goes through her lengthenings. They are hard. Physically and mentally and emotionally for her. I don't have they physical part, but they drain me mentally and emotionally.
    And sometimes it's hard to get through a moment, much less a day. But every once in a while you get the chance to breathe and think that it will all be ok.
    I hope as this year goes on there are more of those moments.
    Thanks for writing.

  9. Leigh Anne, Sometimes it is so very hard to watch our children struggle. It sounds like you are giving her the support she needs - snuggle time, down time and laughter.

  10. I love the feeling when evreyone is at home and at sleep, knowing that at this very moment everything is well. Smiles and laughter are super valuable. Wishing resilience to your daughter.