Sunday, May 28, 2017

Better ~ #DigiLitSunday

Today I am participating in Digital Literacy Sunday with Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Techewhere we are thinking about the word "better."

Two events happened this week that are a perfect reflection for this word.

My teaching partner retired this year, and my last days of teaching with her were last week.  I have been sitting in on interviews for her replacement.  This is not an easy thing to do when you need to replace a perfect partnership.

During each interview, we hope the questions we ask become conversational, depending on the answers from each interviewee.  Although no two interviews are the same, there are two or three questions that I make a point to ask each person.  

One of those is what are some things you do to improve your teaching?  

I am one of those teachers who continuously reflect and search for ways to improve my teaching practices, and I want to work with a teacher who does the same.  I read blog posts and professional books and articles.  I attend conferences and participate on online professional development.  Settling for the status quo or relying on the phrase "we have always done it that way" does not work for me.

I just finished my tenth year of teaching, and there are still so many things I want to learn and to make better in my classroom.  And I want my teaching partner to share in this learning.

The second event was a blog post from We Are Teachers.  I, along with several of my blogging friends, were listed as Twitter accounts teachers should follow.  I am very humbled to be included on this list along with these amazing teachers.  But what I liked most was what the author of the post, Kimberly Moran, said about me:  "...obsessed with improving literacy in her classroom."

By using those words to describe me, Kimberly could not have given me a higher compliment.  She captured my drive, my passion, and my need to get better, just from my online presence.  

My summer has begun and with that come many hours and days of trying to become better.  

My students, my colleagues, and my new teaching partner deserve that.


  1. I was honored as well to be placed on Kimberley's list. It's my association with teachers like you that make me reflective and actively trying to be better each day. I hope you find the just right teaching partner. Happy Summer!

  2. I agree with all of the above! if it weren't for teachers like you, Margaret and Kimberley I wouldn't my teaching life wouldn't be anywhere near as rich and fulfilling. So glad to see your name and face on this list! Always better together!

  3. Leigh Anne, your post was filled with the passion of a teacher who wants to continually grow as a learner to impact teaching and learning. Let's your replacement will share the same zeal that you have. (PS: Has any spring poem sprouted in your garden of thoughts?)

  4. It is so interesting how you are involved in the interview process. In our province, it is done through the district office.

    They definitely described you well on the blog! You rock!