Saturday, July 15, 2017

Short Inventory of a Summer Day ~ Celebrate 2017 (eighteen)

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share the celebrations from our week.  Why don't you join the celebration?

On my computer sits a coral sticky note. Its purpose is not what you would expect - a place to write reminders. Instead it is a quick check to see which one of the three Mac computers is actually mine. I have been known on multiple occasions to take the wrong one to school.

Today the sticky note sits in the bottom, left hand corner with these words scribbled in messy handwriting:  "short inventory of current life."

I wrote this quote down weeks ago because I loved the celebration that it captured. I thought I knew its owner, but when I went back to link the post with the quote, I couldn't find it. Please let me know if those words were yours so I can give proper credit.  Here is how I captured my inventory and my celebration today.

Short Inventory of a Summer Day

fresh sweet corn
fresh peaches
low-humidity pool time
kids home
lingering back porch moments
freshly brewed iced tea
a return of green grass
black-eyed Susans

a perfect summer celebration


  1. Beautiful! This sounds perfect. I love summer days like this!

  2. LOVE LOVE summer thanks for putting it into an amazing list.

  3. I noticed no rain. Mine would have to have rain. It rains every afternoon. I love all the wonderful things you are celebrating. Summer is ending too soon.

  4. Leigh Anne, I am celebrating summertime, too, but my post is late. Lingering back porch moments with iced tea and low humidity sounds delicious! Would you like to package your poem and photo together for my summer gallery, Sunkissed Summer? You can take a screenshot but will need your name and locale at the bottom.