Sunday, April 1, 2018

Way of the Cross #NPM2018

A found poem from Mornings Like This:  Found Poems
by Annie Dillard

April is National Poetry Month, a month to read, write, and celebrate poetry. My plan is to write found poems every day most days in April.  Found poetry is a type of poetry in which the poet takes words, phrases, and beautiful language from existing texts and arranges and rearranges them in a new way, creating a unique meaning.

I begin this month with a blackout poem. In a blackout poem, the writer uses an existing text and isolates words or phrases by blacking out the remaining text. For more examples of blackout poems, check these out from Austin Kleon.

This blackout poem comes from a newspaper article about a city-wide Stations of the Cross, a traditional Catholic meditation on the life of Jesus.

Way of the Cross

The true meaning of Easter
journeyed together,
celebrating and believing in one thing,
sharing in their faith of

Jesus Christ.


  1. Found poems are so wonderful, Leigh Anne. This is a special beginning of your journey.

  2. Absolutely perfect for today! I may have to try a blackout poem this month!

  3. A wonderful start to a month of writing poetry....a poem found. Perfect.