Sunday, May 22, 2022

My Metaphorical Pocket #MemoirsinMay


This month in our Time to Write group with Teach Write, we are writing five five-sentence memoirs in this fifth month of year using five prompts from five of our favorite books on writing. Week two we are using a prompt from Handling the Truth by Beth Gephart:  Empty your “metaphorical ”pockets.” Choose one object from your past that matters most. Why do you keep it close? Why is it irreplaceable? Tell its story.

In my closet hangs a belted cream dress with a gathered peplum circling the tiny waist. Thirty-two years ago, I wore it standing next to my soon-to-be husband in an almost empty church. We said our vows and began our new life together while my sister-in-law took pictures. Little did I know the film was not loaded properly. This little cream dress hanging in my closet, along with my memories, is all I have left of that special night.

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