Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Stinky Surprise

I have written many slices from my front and back porches, and my time there continues to fill me with stories. 

Even stinky ones.

A few days ago, I was sitting on the back porch watching the Facebook live video with Kate and Maggie. Earlier that day, I had been watching a little bunny romp around the backyard nibbling on clover. 

As I was watching the video, I was zoned in when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. Thinking the bunny had returned, I continued watching the video, not paying much attention to it.

All of a sudden, I noticed that what I thought was the bunny had come very close to the porch. Like about ten feet close. 

When I looked up, my heart stopped, and I quietly sucked in a breath. Moving very cautiously, I grabbed my phone and computer and quietly went in the house.

"There are skunks in the back yard! One mamma and four or five little babies. They came right up to me!" I was a little freaked out to say the least, as that was the closest I had ever been to a skunk--let alone five of them!

My husband and daughter ran to the back door to see what I was panicking about. We watched them mosey around the backyard and eventually into a drainpipe that runs under our street. 

This weekend I have sat on the porch every night and waited for them to come out. Every once in a while, when the wind was just right, I detected a faint scent. They hadn't sprayed, but I knew they were near.

About 9:00 pm, one by one they crawl out of the hole with their little bushy black and white tails waving in the air and nuzzling the ground searching for bugs to eat.

We live in town, not the country, and skunks are not what we want right outside our back door. But I have to say, those babies are adorable!

We obviously don't want five skunks in the neighborhood, but we do not have a plan yet to remedy this problem.

So, until then, I will continue to sit on my porch and watch them come out and play...from a safe distance, of course!

 Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating a space to share our stories. 


  1. Ha ha, I kept exiting for the stink to be rabbit pellets, so you surprised me! I love the detail of going out at 9:00 each night to look for them. And I imagine a wildlife expert would advise letting them be, that they will move on soon enough. Hope you can enjoy this treat until then, and they will remain calm and un-stinky.

  2. I knew that photo would have a story! They are cute animals, especially the babies… But it will be an ordeal if you get sprayed! Here’s hoping you don’t!

  3. Oh yes, and if you have a garage, close it at night. One came in our garage and sprayed our dog, and we had to sleep with tshirts covering our heads for a few nights because the smell came through the cracks in the door. It was horrible. But you are so right - - they are cute, cute, cute.

  4. Skunks are cute—from a distance, of course! As long as you don’t frighten them they probably won’t spray you, but if you do get sprayed, toss your clothing and bathe in tomato juice, which, according to an ancient episode of The Brady Bunch, is supposed to rid one of the stink.

  5. Porch stories. I have never seen a skunk in my life, not even in a zoo.

  6. I'm with Terje, I've never seen a skunk. And you get to view a whole family!! Definitely a captivating small moment story. SO glad you were able to include a photo of all the animals you view from your porch!

  7. Well that was surely a surprise! I have never seen that many skunks together. I love the photo of the bunny in the grass.