Monday, October 21, 2013

National Day of Writing - Perfect Timing

Saturday as I was posting my celebrations on Ruth Ayres' blog, I noticed my next post would be number 25.  A small milestone, yet its importance is monumental.

I thought, "Hey, I have made it this far.  I should write about it."

My first thought was to write a list of 25 things I learned through writing on my blog to celebrate.

But, wasn't feeling it.

I already had Monday's IMWAYR ready to go - my list of Mock Newbery Book Club titles for those of you who asked.

Already had my slice written for Tuesday - yes that is a first!  I really need to start "It's Monday Night!  Is Your Slice Written Yet?"

So, I decided against writing my list.  Besides, no one would want to read that anyway.

Day over.

Went to bed.

Sunday morning after reading the paper, I opened my computer and there was Katherine's post on Read, Write, Reflect about National Day of Writing.

She wrote one...little...word...WRITE!

Perfect timing!

So here is my list of 25 things I have learned about writing on my blog and the connections I have made.

a blank page is scary
a blank page is full of possibilities
writing is hard
it starts with just one word
words hurt
words comfort
words make me cry
words make me smile
words make me laugh
feedback and comments are important
proofread comments
writing communities are important
writing connects me to people I don't even know
sharing my writing makes it easier to write again
ideas are easily forgotten
get a notebook
write in the notebook
everyone has a story to tell
stories are found everywhere
small celebrations are still celebrations
celebrate throughout...not just when through
write about the small things
write about the big things
write about things...nature is full of "things"
just write!

I am blessed to be connected with this writing community.  You support; you encourage; you push me to become a better writer and to reach goals I never thought were possible.  Thank you for helping me believe.


  1. Yay, Leigh Anne! So glad you joined us today. And I love your list of 25 things. Perfect way to share all that there is to celebrate about writing.

  2. I love this list! I'm so very glad you wrote it!! My favorite (though it was hard to pick) is "it starts with just one word". It's so hard to remember that when I'm in a rut!

  3. Your list is so full of truth. Blogging has helped me understand my students and their difficulty with "I don't know what to write about". Glad you are blogging and celebrating along the way!