Saturday, August 1, 2015

Celebrate Turn #23

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

Today I celebrate little love!

This past week my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Twenty-five years ago we eloped.  Click here to read the story about My Elopement Day.

The funny thing is, we both forgot about it being our anniversary.  I think summer has gone by so fast they we both didn't realize the end of the month was upon us.

But this is characteristic of our life together.  We don't need special days, big celebrations, or any other type of pomp and circumstance.  We have little love.

Little love is helping out without asking or without expecting.

It's knowing I am taken care of and knowing he is proud of that.

It's looking at our children and seeing a part of him, a part of me, knowing that our love will be carried on.

It's sitting together without saying a word, yet finding comfort in the silence.

Little love is simple love.  And that is all I need.

simple people
simple ceremony
simple bands
simple love

...simply forever
Today I celebrate little love.

Have a super week and may you find little celebrations along the way.


  1. The sweetest post, Leigh Anne. Happy 25th Anniversary to you and your 'little love'. Many a time my husband and I just held hands on our special day. That's the important thing as you wrote.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We're about to celebrate 19-I like the "little love" description. It fits our relationship too! Perfect!

  3. I celebrate with you life!

  4. Sweet and simple. In my opinion, the best kind of love. Happy Anniversary Leigh Anne!

  5. My 33rd anniversary is next week and I want to steal your post. I especially like the comfort in silence. After so many years together, silence is easy.

  6. Margaret, our 33rd is coming up in August too! Leigh Anne, Happy Anniversary! I love your celebration of little love. Simple love ... simply forever!

  7. Leigh Anne, Congratulations. The term little love and your poem were so very descriptive of your relationship with your husband.

  8. Leigh Anne, I celebrated my anniversary this weekend also and wrote about celebrating joy. It is in the simple love that life's moments become splendid and joyful. Thank your for the reminder that love doesn't ave to be grand and bold all the time.