Friday, April 22, 2022

Power is a Desperate Kiss #MetaphorDice

It is National Poetry Month, and I am joining many others in writing, reading, sharing, and celebrating poetry (occasionally) this month. I am participating in a challenge with my Time to Write writing group where we are trying a different form every day inspired by a fun word of the day. 

This week, Teach Write hosted a poetry writing night, where we gathered together to write and share our poetry. Today's poem was a found poem inspired by the word create.

I played with my metaphor dice and choose these words from my roll to create my found poem.

Power is a desperate kiss,
which is to say, sometimes
we cling a little too long
to that which doesn't last,

sometimes making us heady,
and wanting more,
only to be left
holding regrets from a 
brief moment in time.

Join the poetry round-up with Margaret at Reflections on the Teche.


  1. Wow, Leigh Anne, that is a great metaphor you chose for this poem. It's so true what you say about power "we cling a little too long / to that which doesn't last," and "sometimes making us heady," Well done! I'm glad to see you here whenever you come!

  2. "Power is a desperate kiss" -- very memorable! I'll bet if you gave that metaphor to a whole classroom, you could get a great selection of poems. I like "making us heady/and wanting more."

  3. I also love the line, "Power is a desperate kiss", Leigh Anne. There is so much truth in the last stanza.

  4. Great poem you extracted from your Metaphor Dice roll, Leigh Anne. It is a great found poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Wow does this ring true! And I like your spare words; they fit the tone and topic well!

  6. "Only to be left holding regrets from a brief moment in time". How very beautiful. And sadly, so true. Thank you for the wonderful moment in time it took to read this lovely poem.

  7. I LOVE metaphor dice...that first line of your dice is perfect and strong and a strong image. What a fun way to loosen up to write some good poems.

  8. Wonderful words thrown for you, Leigh Anne, & that thought of power is everywhere in our politics, today. Too many have been mesmerized with it - "making us heady". Love the idea you've written.

  9. "Power is a desperate kiss"... OMG, yes. Not only is that a terrific metaphor for your poem, but it would make a fabulous title for a novel as well!

  10. Such pondering thought and words of wisdom tucked into your metaphor poem–not always easy to let go, but sure worth the effort, thanks Leigh Anne!