Friday, April 1, 2022

Poetic License #NationalPoetryMonth


It is National Poetry Month, and I am joining many others in writing, reading, sharing, and celebrating poetry every day (hopefully) this month. I am participating in a challenge with my Time to Write writing group where we are trying a different form every day inspired by a fun word of the day. Welcome to my "Journey with Poetry and Words".

Today's poem is a nonet, which is a nine-line poem with a decreasing syllable count and the word was "rules". When I am writing, I love being a rule-breaker! And that is where my mind went. In order for this to work, you have to read line four ramble + ing. See, breaking the rules already today!


Breaking the rules of language or style
to get a desired effect:
a one-sentence paragraph
a rambling run-on or
a well-place fragment.
My writer's rights.

Check out the Kidlit Progressive Poem, which is being organized by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche. A different poet adds a line each day for the month of April. The poem's journey begins with Irene.

April 1 Irene at Live Your Poem

I am also linking up with the Poetry Friday bunch and Heidi has the round-up.


  1. Poetic license, yes! I remember telling my children this long ago and one of them asking to see it. We need to make a graphic.

  2. Your lines work perfectly with this form! And I agree wholeheartedly with the writer's rights to break the rules - in all these ways. Happy National Poetry Month! I have been feeling celebratory today and your poem is one more reason why.

  3. So funny! I want to be less of a rule follower and more of a rule breaker in my writing :>)

  4. Leigh Anne, you break the rules with style and ease in your nonet. This is a great poem to start out National Poetry Month. I look forward to writing alongside you this month.

  5. Such a fun form! This is such a creative idea for a poetry project, and I look forward to seeing where the play with words and form takes you.

  6. I love when I read poems and noting when rules were broken and why. What a fun poem! I guess that rambling is three syllables, but it seems more like two. Enjoy NPM!

  7. What fun, & to offer this to all of us at the beginning of April is a huge gift, Leigh Anne! Thanks!

  8. Leigh Anne, perfect topic for your nonet. Great to see you here today. "My writer's rights." Yes, indeed!

  9. Yay for Poetic License!!! Write on, yes, thanks Leigh Anne!