Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Book Shout

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this space for me to share my corner of the world.

“Never underestimate 
the power of a great book 
in the hands of a teacher 
who knows how to use it” 
~Steven L. Layne

Any good reading teacher knows the power of a book.

A great teacher knows how to use it.

I believe in these words by Steven Layne with all of my heart.  His words are in my email signature line because I want my world to know I live, breathe and believe in the power of these words.

Many of us have the opportunity to talk about books in our classrooms.  Many of these book talks are extensions from our online communities.  We know that when teachers read kid lit and talk books with our students, 

we share our passion,  

we foster a love of reading.

we create readers.

Wednesday, I have the wonderful opportunity to take book talks to a new level.  I start a new segment on our morning show which is written, produced, and broadcasted by students.  

My segment is called "CMS Book Shout," and I will be sharing books with over 600 students each week.  That is a reading teacher's dream.

Below is part of my script for the first show.

Many people ask me why I read kid lit.  Although I have many answers, I would like to share one of those with you today.  

I read kid lit because it helps me to be a better teacher.  Now you may be wondering just how that happens.  

You see, when I read a book about a kid whose parents are going through a divorce, I understand you better.

When I read a book about a kid who feels different, I understand you better.

or when a kid is bullied

or when a kid’s parent is dealing with addiction or is in jail

or when a kid loses someone they love, 

I understand you better.

When I read a book about a kid who accomplishes a goal, 

or makes the team

or overcomes a fear

I get to celebrate with you because I understand what it took for you to get to that point.

But this understanding doesn’t just work for me as a reading teacher.  It works for ALL teachers, including math and science and health and PE teachers, and even principals and counselors and cafeteria workers and custodians.  When we read books with kids as the main characters, we understand all of you and what you are going through just a little bit better.

But here is the best part - this level of understanding can even work for YOU.

Just imagine what could happen if we took the time to read a book and learn what other students are going through.  If we create a culture of understanding and acceptance by reading,

we could become a better school.

a better community,

a better world.

That, my friends, is the power of books.  And that is something worth shouting about.


  1. Woo Hoo! I love the words from your script! I am so excited you are going to get to share books with so many students!!! Awesome!!!!

  2. Leigh Anne, this is exciting!!! Your passion is contagious!

  3. You go girl. Change the world one book at a time.

  4. Your introduction is marvelous and inspiring, Leigh Anne. What a grand new way to share across all lines in your school! I hope you'll share some of the students' words!

  5. I absolutely love your shout out for books. That is a great way to extend the personal to the universal. I imagine kids and teachers alike coming to you for book recommendations. And I'm sure you're ready for that.

  6. You are making the most of opportunity! Bravo!

  7. A morning segment on books...brilliant!

  8. Loved reading your words and reasons for reading kid lit. VERY inspiring! Thank you!