Friday, April 7, 2023

A Handful of Stars {7}


It is April, and I am joining many others in celebrating National Poetry Month by reading, writing, sharing, and celebrating poetry each day this month. I have chosen to combine my love of reading with my love of writing. I will be writing poems using all things bookish--from titles to quotes to characters. So, come turn the page and write a little poetry with me.

I am lingering in the Poetry Friday community this month, and Margaret at Reflections on the Teche has the round-up. 

I have never written an Abecedanarian poem, a 26 line poem where the first letters of each new line are in alphabetical order. And I can honestly say I have never written about a relationship quite like this either. This poem was inspired by the book title, A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord, but has absolutely NOTHING to do with the storyline in this book.

A handful of stars

burning in the midnight sky

caught before falling

down to Earth.

Eyes closed, my

fingers unwrap them

gently, one by one.

Holding my heart, they

illuminate the stolen glances

just between you and me.

Kissing your tender lips

leaves a trail of stardust,

making me ravenous for more.

Night's cloak of darkness covers

our brief interlude; we

pretend it isn't

quite enough.

Realizing once dawn whispers,

stars no longer shimmer.

Time is trapped

under the sun’s intense rays.

Veracity hides,

winces, and becomes

x-posed as I


zealous for another handful of stars.

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  1. Abecedarians are fun, but tricky. Yours flows beautifully, Leigh Anne!

  2. I read the poem first, then your intro, and I chuckled when I read the title was inspired by the book, but the poem has nothing to do with the storyline of the book... because I kept thinking this doesn't sound like that book! Guess I better start reading the intro first!! The poem does tell a good story of its own and it flows (since I didn't read the intro, I was well into it before I caught on to the abcderian form)!

  3. An alphabetical love poem from a book title prompt that ends with longing for more! WOW! That's quite a feat, Leigh Anne.

  4. You have done well with this alphabetical challenge, Leigh Anne. You have remained on course from beginning to end and the essential essence of flow is clearly in evidence. You have shone a gentle light on love- and all that has come from a book title prompt. Such is the magic of a spark of inspiration.

  5. I love abecedarians, and yours is exceptional -- you don't notice the form! Well played!

  6. Abecedarians are challenging and what a love story you have created in this one, Leigh Anne. Don't you imagine that some teens will swoon over it!

  7. Brava, Leigh Anne! I'd say your first effort shines!

  8. This abecedarian gracefully meets the challenge and whew! a spicy little poem!

  9. Color me impressed! Abecedarians are no joke, but you nailed it! :)