Friday, March 18, 2016

Dang Me

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this space for me to share my corner of the world.

I received this text the other evening from a 6th grade teacher on my team.

"Dang u"

We are on spring break, and I was trying to understand why he would be "danging" me.  It took me a few minutes, and then the lightbulb came on.  I was smiling as I texted back.

"Are you reading???"

And he replies with a quote from the book.

"'I didn't jump ship da man says'...And I am reading this in public."

"I told you it was good."

"My face is red
and while the game is bad
This is making me so

I start laughing.  Before spring break I quietly slipped a copy of The Crossover on his desk and said, "You really need to read this book.  Spring break would be the perfect time.  It is short, and it won't take you long to read it. And you will love it!"  

I have been trying to get him to read this book since I read it last year.  Students who have read the book have told him the same thing.  He is our high school girls' basketball coach and loves to write poetry..or should I say make up rhymes.  (See the above text!)  I knew he would love this book. 

And he did!

Dang me!


  1. Oh! I'm so glad he loved it! That is awesome! I'm on a staff of readers now, who will give and receive recommendations. Spreading the reading love! That is awesome!

  2. I'm sure he knows these are #goodproblems. LOL. I haven't read this book, but I really know I need to move it up on my list. Dang you, Leigh Anne...bahahahahaha. **wink wink**

    Reading is a virus. I love when others catch it.

  3. Just sharing the book love with young and older ones. That's what a book pusher does. Job well done. Now cast your eye around and select your next target. :-)

  4. I love so much about this post! I love that you're sharing books with another teacher--that is something we just don't seem to do enough of. This book just went to the top of my 'to read' list--just waiting for it to come in at the library.

  5. So great that you hooked a somewhat reluctant reader with such a good book. I would love to be able to convince a few more teachers I work with to read MG and YA titles.

  6. What a cool and clever post. Nice way to use repetition with the "Dang u" -- It was cute and effective to show your relationship and the small moments that you want to remember.

  7. A perfect match between a book and a reader! The Crossover is an amazing book!

  8. I loved that book - this was a fun slice to read, Leigh Anne!

  9. So great!! I love being able to get others reading....and connected with great books! You've reminded me that I had told my former principal she needed to read this book. March Madness will be the perfect time to get it to her! =)