Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Steps

My first "official" step as a writer was to join Teachers Write! at Kate Messner's website.  I was a little late getting started, but our first assignment was to start a writer's notebook.  I have one and have started writing in it.  Now it is decision time.  How do I want to organize steps!

Tuesday's assignment was to think of a place you love and start with,

Sometimes, .....
Sometimes, I sit at the top of the mound
overlooking our small town
the sun
slowly closing
its droopy eyes on the day
but notefore reminding me
with its hues of red, yellow, and orange
that today was a great day
and not before night
restores and refreshes
my mind, body, and soul
ready to start again.


  1. I love the image you create of sitting atop the hill surveying your town. The sun with droopy eyes is my favorite.

  2. I used this Sometimes . . . prompt in a ladies' class that I led at our church last week. I can't wait to add your words about the sun to my classroom examples for personification.