Monday, April 1, 2019

#letswrite2019 Check In

Back in January many people were making reading goals for 2019. I wondered where were the writing goals? Finding none, I created my hashtag, shared it on social media and small group of us made writing plans.

This is the first of four check in posts. How's it going? Are you checking things off of your list? It is time to share your progress and celebrate - remember everything counts as a celebration!

Here is my progress on my list of writing goals for 2019:

  • Write at least 100 blog posts.  I currently have 43 posts written in three months, so I am on track to reach 100.
  • Rethink the purpose of my blog and write more about literacy for literacy teachers. I have decided to not rethink the purpose of my blog, but creating a new blog/website instead. I hope to roll that our by the end of my school year.
  • Explore more professional opportunities. I have an idea for a professional article, but have not committed to anything yet. 
  • Open my eyes to the small things around me and write more poetry. April (Poetry Month) is here, so we will see how this goes!
  • Keep a writer's notebook. I bought a new Moleskin notebook last week (still waiting to write in it!)
  • Complete the Slice of Life March Challenge. Completed the challenge!
  • And now for the biggie - I have wanted to write a professional book, even if no one ever reads it!  My goal is to write an outline and look into the publishing process. This goal got squashed a couple of weeks ago. I am trying to figure it all out, once again.

Now it's your turn. If you have an update post, please link it in the comments and share it on social media using #letswrite2019. Please try to visit those participating and leave a comment of support. 

Did you miss out on the original post and want to know more about #letswrite2019? Check it out here. It's not too late to still join us!

Our next update will be June 30th, but until then...Happy Writing!