Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Strengths

This month I am joining fellow bloggers and @TeachThought for a November blogging challenge - Teaching Through an Attitude of Gratitude.  Please click here if you would like to join in the reflection.

November 5 - What are your strengths?  Which are you most grateful for?

Talking about my strengths is not easy for me to do.  I think this is because I am my worst critic and I am extremely hard on myself.  I tend to look at my weaknesses and many times focus too much on those.

Because I am such a critic, I am also a constant learner which I think is a strength.  I am a teacher who wants to continuously learn new things.  Buying professional development books is an addiction, but there is always something I want to be better at doing.  

Being reflective is also important to me.  Looking to see what worked and what didn't work and then making changes is also a part of my learning process.

I love going to workshops.  I feel that if I can take one thing back and implement it in my classroom, then it was worth the money.  Many people laugh at how much I am on Twitter, but it is because I am always looking for ways to learn.  

I have been called a nerd because of my thirst to learn - but I am proud of it!


  1. Nerds Unite! I loved your post today!

  2. I agree!! Welcome to the November blog challenge from a fellow nerd - and proud of it! Fantastic to have you in our community - I always enjoy your posts. They give me a lot to think about which I love. We are so tough on ourselves at times and it is really hard to state our strengths. This blog challenge will probably be quite hard for many of us because of that, but it will also be good for us I believe.
    I can relate to everything in your post from buying professional reading to being on Twitter! None of this is bad. :-) I'm always studying - about to finish my Masters this year but already looking for the next learning challenge.
    Can't wait to read more!
    Justine :-)