Saturday, November 21, 2015

Celebrate Turn #31

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.  Please join us and celebrate your week!

Today I celebrate passion.

Two weeks ago, I gave a presentation with two colleagues from my school district at an educators conference at Indiana State University.  It is such a great feeling to share my passion for reading with other educators.  Here is a link to the news coverage of the event which also features our session. 

Our session stressed the importance of independent reading when much focus seems to be on testing.  Independent reading is something we just cannot afford to give up during our day.

This week we received a letter from one of the organizers of the event thanking us and giving us feedback from the evaluations.  At the very end of the letter, he included a P.S. which I almost missed. 

P.S. After taking into consideration the quantity of evaluations, it is clear that your presentation was one of (if not THE) highest rated at the conference. Congrats…and thank you :-)

It is rewarding to know that our message and our passion resonated with other educators.  After our presentation I was asked by another teacher in our district about writing a newsletter with reading and writing teaching tips.  As I consider approaching our curriculum department about writing this, I have decided to try some things out as blog posts first.  Who knows what will become of this, but sharing my passion is always something I enjoy.

Have a great week and may you have many celebrations along the way!


  1. What a great opportunity for you, Leigh Anne. I loved the quick shot of you holding up Brown Girl Dreaming and the title of your workshop - Leaving a Reading Legacy - is something that resonates with me. High compliments from your evaluations. Congrats! Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

  2. Leigh Anne, What an exciting post. Another TURN in your career, developing a newsletter. Please document your process. I have a new project in my mind and , although, not a news letter it is something similar and will be looking for ideas.

  3. I loved seeing you on the news. Leigh Anne! And what a wonderful compliment in that ps about your evaluations. I know you've just begun sharing your own reading legacy, touching more outside your own classroom. Lovely to hear, and congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. It's so rewarding to feel heard and appreciated. Keep it up! Continue sharing your passion!

  5. Oh, bravo! And let me just say I am not surprised - you are such a passionate and inspired teacher!

  6. Wow! So, so wonderful! And amazing to hear that feedback.

  7. Yay! So glad you were able to present and that people found it so valuable. :)