Monday, May 2, 2016


Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this space for me to share my corner of the world.

"When you focus on possibilities instead of limitations, a whole new world will open up to you, a world of optimism and new opportunity.  Because you will be less distracted by your worries and fears, it will be much easier to get through things, no matter how difficult.  And, because your spirits will be filled with optimism, you'll be happier each and every day.  

These words were spoken by our guidance counselor during our morning show on Monday.  After hearing them, I was compelled to include them in this post I had already written for today.

Earlier this week on Twitter, Starr Sackstein asked teachers to share our stories and to elevate our profession by writing about why we teach.  

Here's my story.

A few weeks ago a student wrote these words to me in a card:

"Some bad stuff has happened in my life.  Like DCS took me and my brothers away from home and my dad's in's feels nice to tell someone about my life..."

This student is just one of many who come into my classroom each day.  I have students who move from place to place to avoid living on the streets.  I have students who have no food to eat on the weekends.  I have students who have parents incarcerated. I have students who suffer from abuse.

Different stories, different situations.  But similar heartbreak.

I want my students to know a way out is possible.  They do not have to see their lives repeating or continuing in the cycle of their parents.

I teach because I want my students to believe in the possible.

I want them to know they do not have to live in poverty...
they have the ability to break the cycle.

They do not have to be homeless, or hungry...
they have the opportunity to find a good job.

They do not have to live with abuse...
they can learn to love and to stand up for what they believe in.

They do not have to go to jail...
they can learn to make good decisions.

They only need to have someone who believes in them, who believes in the possible, and who can help them believe it too.

That is why I teach.


  1. Thank you Leigh Anne for all you do for kids and for sharing your passion here. I agree. It all hinges on knowing the possible.

  2. The world needs more people like you to teach and care.

  3. Such a beautiful, inspired story!

  4. This post is just one of the reasons why I love Tuesday's Slice of Life. Your opening quote is inspiring. You are a great teacher and role model for your students. I'm sure they thank you for caring. ~Amy

  5. Wonder post with a very positive point of view. Leigh Anne, thank you for joining #NYEDChat last night. I am going to send people your way to read this.

  6. Wow, we are so much alike! Teaching our students about possibilities is one of the most important parts of our job. Your students are so very lucky to have a teacher who will show them their own possibilities and help them believe in themselves enough to get there. Teachers rock!!


  7. My heart breaks when I read about what your students face on a regular basis. So glad they have YOU in their lives. Thanks for being one of the good gals who believe in the possible.