Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer PD ~ Celebrate #14

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

Today I celebrate summer learning.

Betsy Hubbard from Two Writing Teachers wrote about making summer learning plans to achieve goals in the classroom next year.  Summer learning is one of the best parts of summer.  

I have attended several conferences and workshops already this summer, and still have a few left. Sharing our learning ranks right up there with making the plans.  Together, we can improve our own learning, and in the process, strengthen our students' learning as well. I will be writing blog posts about my summer learning, in hopes that you may learn something too!

I spent two days last week at an eLearn conference, and Alice Keeler was the keynote speaker and also presented several sessions on Google Classroom.  Alice knows Google!  

I kept hearing over and over again about using Google Slides in my classroom.  I have dabbled in Google Classroom and created small collaborative presentations, but I was excited to come home and start thinking about how I could use this tech tool in my classroom.  

Imagine presenting a question to the class, and each student responding on a Google Slide.  If you have any experience with Google Slides, then I am sure you are thinking - utter chaos.  

This may not be easy in the beginning, but Alice assures me that they will get better at it.  The end result is a slide show with all of their responses.  What a great way to collaborate, as well as to create deep class discussions and teaching moments around their responses.

Alice wrote a blog post about using Google Slides to have students introduce themselves at the beginning of the year.  Here is the link to that post and step by step directions.

In order to share our learning this summer (and for me to practice too!) I have created a collaborative Google Slide presentation.  Click on the link below, upload a picture, and share something you have learned this summer.  Then come back and take a look at all the summer learning!

Add your summer learning slide here and celebrate summer learning with me!


  1. Leigh Anne, I LOVE the idea of the google slides! The slideshow isn't open though. I requested access. I can't wait to learn with you next week!!!! It's almost here! I can't believe it!!!!

  2. I loved Betsy's post and the way she broke her learning down by months. I'm working on weeding files and joining the #cyberPD for DIY Literacy. Have fun at All Write! I can't wait to read the blog posts and tweets from the conference.

  3. My summer hasn't begun, yet...but I love the way you've begun yours!

  4. What fun to read from others, Leigh Anne. I can see how this would be such fun at the beginning of the school year. I've added a slide!

  5. Fun! Fun! Fun! I use Google Slides in my classroom all the time. You are going to LOVE it!!

    See you soon, friend!


  6. I just used slides with my 5th grade students at the end of the year and I like the way you did it better. They shared theirs to me, but this is nicer since it keeps them altogether. Thanks!

  7. This is an exciting venture, Leigh Anne. As soon as I get my major projects completed, I will send you a slide. I am completely sold on Google Slides and now have all of my presentations using that platform. I love your enthusiasm for learning.

  8. This was fun, Leigh Anne, and such a great idea! I've never used Google Slides before but it certainly was not difficult. I enjoyed reading the slides that are already posted.

  9. Oh, I'm going to have to come back and look at Google Slides! I was just catching up on my friends' blog posts from the weekend. Thanks for sharing! This is exciting. (Also, I'm working in purposeful play into my classroom for next year, and I'll be teaching a round of P.E., so there is learning for the summer..)

  10. I love this! Google Slides is such a great tool and my elementary-level kids have really enjoyed using them.

  11. Love this idea! I will need to investigate. Got started using Google Classroom in January. Good luck to you and all the summer learning ahead!