Monday, September 12, 2016

Flashback 1982

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this space for me to share my corner of the world.

Eight jelly donuts.  To all of you these three words have no importance or significance whatsoever.  You may not even like jelly donuts.

For me, these three little words hold so much laughter and so many memories.  You may think that is quite odd.  I would too.

Eight jelly donuts, or more affectionately called the EJDs, are my high school group of friends.  Yes, there is a story behind that name, and when I told some of my colleagues about how we arrived at the name, they were shocked.  They couldn't believe that I would do something like that.

The eight of us were behind many pranks using jelly donuts.  My favorite memory is making a banner for our homecoming game that said, "EJDs say smear 'em!"  That pretty much explains it all.

Several weeks ago, we had a reunion of sorts.  The eight of us got together for a weekend, as we do every couple of years.  

We laughed until we cried, and then laughed some more.  

We ate until we were stuffed, and then ate some more.

We stayed up late, and got up early.  

We soaked in every single minute of our time together.

The best part of these weekends together is that time seems to stand still.  We always pick up right where we left off.  The only thing that really changes is the topic of some of our conversations.  We have gone from having babies, to busy mom schedules, to needing reading glasses, to sending kids off to college, to being grandmas, to colonoscopies and menopause!

This time, two of my friends decided it would be fun to recreate our senior prom picture.  They gathered up prom dresses from their own girls and from friends of theirs.  Can you just imagine 50-something year olds trying on prom dresses that really belong on 16-18 year old young ladies?  

This is one of the many times where we laughed until we cried, but we had so much fun trying to zip up those dresses!  

So may I present to you Prom Night 1982 in the year of 2016!


  1. I have lost touch with most of my high school friends. This picture says it all, the deep ties of friendship, love, and a spirit of JOY!

  2. I love how you begin this slice. And how great is it that you all have stayed connected and continued to make memories and share so much love and laughter.

  3. What great fun. You remind me of the importance of holding to tradition and keeping in touch with those we care about!

  4. This is totally delightful! These words capture such joy: "We soaked in every single minute of our time together."

  5. How fun to have this circle of friends! The pictures are great!

  6. Fun, fun, fun! I give you ladies credit for recreating that picture. What a great group of friends you have!

  7. Oh my goodness! What fun! What memories! How wonderful that you still get together and celebrate your friendships! Love the photos!