Friday, October 13, 2017

Gown of Gold ~ Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday, and Irene has the round-up at Live Your Poem.

It is a glorious Poetry Friday, and I am on fall break.  I have spent the last three days trying to finish up a grad course.  I started classes in September and my reading and writing life has taken a downturn.  Today, while sitting outside, I decided I needed a break.  I thought catching up on blog posts from friends was just the thing I needed.

My first stop was Terje's at Just For a Month.  She posted photos from a fall walk, and they are gorgeous.  Next stop was Margaret's at Reflections on the Teche, where I read her Poetry Friday post, a collection of student poems.  

In my comment to her, I said how much I wanted to take time out from studying and just write.  

And so I did.

I went back to Terje's pictures because they always give me inspiration.  Jotted down some thoughts and ideas in my notebook.  Marked many out and tried again.  So instead of writing about learning theories, I wrote about fall and her gown of gold.  

Next week I host the round-up, so I hope to see you here.

Gown of Gold

Photo by Terje Akke, Estonia
I stand tall in my gown of gold,
sleeves stretching endlessly
to cover your bareness.

I pause and ponder
the change which will
become our destiny.

I glance one last time
at my reflection
in the mirror.

I bask in my moment of glory
and hesitantly wait 
for winter’s wardrobe.

©Leigh Anne Eck, 2017


  1. Lovely...both photo and poem. I'm glad you took a break to write and to read and be here. Good luck--or is it congratulations--on finishing your grad class.

  2. With such a beautiful gown of gold, it seems a shame to cover up with an icy white coat! Glad you took the time to do some writing, Leigh Anne!

  3. It really is 'gowns of gold', then a red shawl, an orange hat? I'm glad you stopped to take some writing time for you. Working full time and going to school is quite a challenge, so I'm glad you're on a break! Enjoy those gowns before 'winter's wardrobe'.

  4. Leigh Anne, true to your word, you created a reflective poem with Terje's photo. Can you add Estonia next to Photo by Terje Akke? I took a screenshot for you to play around with. This may work just fine for the gallery.

  5. Your words make the photo come alive. This kind of connection across the ocean warms my heart. Thank you. I have missed your voice in the writing community. Wishing you balance and breathing time in the busy-busy life.

  6. In my class, when we read Kooser's A Letter in October and Robert Frost's October, we discussed how the change of the season changes us. Your poem also has this theme. The golden robe turning to bare branches. I am so glad you had time to sit and ponder and write. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I'm so glad you took the time to write and love how you were inspired by others. Your poem is beautiful. I love the image of golden-gowned fall waiting (hesitantly) "for winter's wardrobe."

  8. I hear you. Time to observe the world AND write seem to be in short supply during Nature's most glorious time. What a treat for you to take a few moments to stop, see and write. I love the golden gown with endless sleeves. Best of luck in your class.

  9. So glad you made time and look at the beautiful poem your created! I need some time to write a poem with some of my fall pics. Great to see you here (thanks to Terje's mention in here celebrate post). Good luck with finishing up that grad course.

  10. Your "Gown of Gold," is so luscious Leigh Anne, I'd like to try it on! Love the metaphors you used, and wonderful personification that gorgeous tree has taken on. Thanks for this beauty, so glad you took a poetry break!

  11. How lovely. I'm delighted by that last line - and thinking of the Emperor's New Clothes. (I'm guessing next stop is bare branches, yes?) Thank-you for hosting us during such a busy time. I'm sure there will be HEAPS to delight and inspire you in the links - and I hope you can find time to enjoy them! :)

  12. (Ooops. I'm just realising I'm a bit early (or late!!) - so I will repost when your blog goes up. My comments still stand. :P)