Friday, December 22, 2017

Rise and Shine - #PoetryFriday

It's Poetry Friday!  Buffy has this week's round up so please join her at Buffy's Blog.

Welcome to my dusty little corner of the poetry world! 

When I added the title of grad student to my already overwhelming list of titles, I knew something(s) would have to go.  Blogging on a regular basis and writing for fun (academic papers are not what I call writing for fun!) seem to be the current targets of my time stealer.

This past year, I cautiously tipped my toes into the Poetry Friday waters.  You all welcomed me with open arms and hearts.  I hosted a round-up for the first time, and I signed up for the Winter Poem Swap which was organized by Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference.

Several weeks ago I received my package from Mary Lee at A Year of Reading.  I couldn't wait to share her perfectly-written-for-me poem.  The first Friday went by, and no post.  Then the next Friday.

So, today I publicly apologize to Mary Lee for the delay in acknowledging her beautiful and thoughtful words and publicly share her poem.

Rise and Shine

Like the moon
as she waxes and wanes,

Like the seasons
as they flourish and rest,

Like the cup of tea
as it gathers strength before the sip,

So you rise
reclaiming your reading life,

So you rise
from writing teacher to teacher-writer,

So you rise
leading a whole community to Wonder.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017

Thank you, Mary Lee, for capturing my heart in your words. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Mary Lee's gift--love it!

  2. Very apt, Leigh Anne. Mary Lee's poem is a wonderful gift for your year's end.

  3. This is the just right poem for you! I love the simple form of it, too. I love the poem swaps. Such a joy to connect with poetry!

  4. No need for apologies -- the joy was in the creating and the giving!

  5. Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it with us, it does seem to fit you so well, enjoy!

  6. Beautiful poem! Good luck with your adventures in grad school. May you find some time for renewal in writing through all the busy-ness of the year.