Thursday, January 28, 2021

Snow Day #SOSMagic

Wednesday the weather app showed an advisory for our county. Snow coming early afternoon. Hopes of an early release filled the hallways like an all-morning passing period. We had been disappointed two other times recently, so we were almost afraid to talk about it for fear it would never come to be.

Around noon, the snow began to fall, quickly covering the fields outside our classroom windows. Kids were too excited to focus on the lesson I had prepared, and talks began about having a snow day the next day. I told them how I didn't want a snow day but would rather have a Friday in May when it was warm outside. They, of course, thought I was crazy.

The news came that the busses were on stand-by followed an hour later by the announcement that we were dismissing early. By 8:00 that night, the superintendent had announced a two-hour delay the next day, BUT they would reevaluate in the morning. 

Today, I woke at my normal time, turned on my phone, and waited for the call I was sure would come. Yes, we had a snow day. As much as I said I didn't want a snow day, I have to say, I welcomed pulling up the covers and rolling over for a few extra minutes of sleep.

My daughter Megan posted on her classroom page a request for snow day pictures. We live on one of the few hills in our town, and many kids come to sled when we have snow. Megan shared with me who all was on the hill and showed me pictures of students sledding and snowboarding and building snowmen and having snowball fights.

And the guilt set in.

I remembered all the snow days when my son would get up at sunrise, pack his bag, and set out for the hill. He would spend the entire day outside, coming home only to get dry socks and gloves and food. He loved the snow, and we have so many memories of these days.

I am sure many of my students spent the day outside just like my son did all those years. Telling them I didn't want a snow day was a little selfish. 

Yes, today we had a snow day. And I am glad we did.

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  1. So glad for all those memories too. I'm so glad your kids were giddy with excitement. We loved those days when we were kids too... and then with our own. Dave and I moved to a house with a woods that has a hill going down to a small lake. It would have been so fun to have it when our kids were younger. Our grands came up for a weekend and they had fun on it. I have such great Covid fear, I didn't enjoy it like I should have. All of them live so far. XO

  2. I still remember the year (almost 4 decades ago) when I pulled the blinds in my classroom b/c my students couldn't keep their eyes off the snowfall. Now that was selfish! Today, I would join in their giddy anticipation and joy. I remember waking in the night to check on snowfall, always as eager as my students for a snow day!

    1. I loved how your son would spend the entire day outside, pausing only for dry wear and food!

  3. It was so wonderful to see you today and now to read your words here. Maybe we have to have a snow day mind to create space for writing in our lives.

  4. There is something exhilarating about a snow day, it's a gift of time. However, day after day of snow is no fun when it sends school into a longer calendar. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day and who knows, you may still get that day in May. :-)

  5. Aren't snow days sweet? We are looking for them here too. We had a dusting on Saturday a couple of weeks ago, and my kids and I managed to build a snowman with it--it took most of the snow in the yard. :) But when May gets here, those sunny days will be all I care about.

  6. It is very unusual for us to not have snow days by now (and our hearts really need one). We are hoping for one tomorrow! I love how they help life slow down.

    I always love coming here.