Saturday, May 8, 2021

Lessons from Motherhood #SOSMagic

This is Mother's Day Weekend, and I have been blessed as a mother for 28 years. I was handed a bundle of life at the age of 28 and I was scared to death. As we went along, we bumbled, we failed, we loved, and we learned parenting moment by moment. 

Lessons from Motherhood
  1. Being a stay-at-home mom is joyful.
  2. Labor can be long.
  3. Postpartum depression is real.
  4. Babies can eat cereal before six months.
  5. Napping is essential.
  6. Finding a schedule that works...really works.
  7. A child for each hand is the perfect fit.
  8. Raising boys is different than raising girls.
  9. Eating (and liking) Gerber's Dutch Apple Dessert is nothing to be ashamed of.
  10. It's really OK if they eat the same thing for days and days.
  11. Yes, you can memorize Good Night Moon.
  12. They will know when you skip pages.
  13. The next stage is always the best stage.
  14. And yes, you will be ready for it.
  15. Kindergarten teachers will take over being the most important person in their life.
  16. But your place in line will move back up; I promise.
  17. Preschool potty talk and middle school mouth do eventually go away.
  18. A kiss and a Band-Aid eventually quit working.
  19. Middle school is a time to let go for a while.
  20. Yes, one of these days you're gonna miss "this".
  21. High school and "blink of an eye" is a true metaphor.
  22. Love for each child is equal, yet different.
  23. Sleepless nights never really go away - no matter how old they are.
  24. Saying I love you may look different than what you want it to be.
  25. Giving them wings and roots are a gift.
  26. It may take them a while to understand this.
  27. Adult children can finally become your friends.
  28. Motherhood is a joy and a celebration.

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  1. My #9... baby food bananas... and #12 is absolutely true! All of these, and many more joys. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. All of these are so true Leigh Anne. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I love this list! #12, #13, #14, #21, #22, #23 stand out for my season of motherhood, but the whole list captures mothering perfectly, they are all so true!

  4. So true all the way through--#13 really stands out to me! I love this!

  5. This was lovely to read. So much truth in this list. Unless one has adult children, the blink of an eye seems unimaginable.

  6. Oh, Leigh Anne.
    I love everything about this list.
    Thank you for taking me through all the moments.