Tuesday, September 28, 2021


It's that time of year when leaves begin to fall, sweaters come out of hiding in the closet or drawers, and pumpkin spice is baked into every food product imaginable. 

But that also means it is time for #TeachWritetober21.

#TeachWritetober is a group of teacher-writers who challenge themselves to write for the month of October. No guidelines, no rules...just writing. Writing for me and only me. Writing what I want and when I want. Writing for the sheer joy of putting words on paper. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

But there is more! There is built-in support. If you don't know what to write about, each day you will get an email with an invite to write. If you already have a writing project, then that is ok too. There is an accountability sheet to help you keep track of your writing. 

Although there are no rules, I have set some goals for the month.

  • Increase joy writing - It seems as though most of my writing, when I do write, is attached to some type of commitment. I want to spend time in my notebook just for the joy of observing what is around me, capturing moments in my day, and experimenting with new muses.
  • Write five blog posts - I miss this writing space, but often wonder if blogs are becoming obsolete. I hope not, so I will plan to spend some here writing about a day in my life as a reader, a writer, and a teacher.
  • Be creative - I have recently found the joy of art journaling. I have bought some new supplies and want to try them out this month.
I try to teach my students that writing isn't all about school. That writing should be fun and playful and joyful. Maybe I need to practice telling that to myself this month.

If you would like to join me and many others for a month of writing, then check out all the information here. Come be a part of our third annual #Teachwritetober21 - where teacher-writers support other teacher-writers! 

We would love to have you!


  1. Love your goals. This sounds like it will be an amazing month!

  2. Leigh Anne, wishing you the best of luck this month. Like you, I've tried to recommit to some writing which includes a bit more time on the blog. I'm off to check out the #TeachWritetober21 challenge.