Tuesday, April 12, 2022

It's the Small Things

I am joining Two Writing Teachers today and sharing a small piece of my day.

Three times a grading period, we have a list of root words that we study. Pre-pandemic, I always began the lesson by giving them a root, having them turn and talk and find words with the root in them. Next, as a class, we choose three words to define. We act like word detectives and study the meanings of the three words and use those meanings to determine the meaning of the root. 

Simple procedure that gets them thinking and playing with words - one of my favorite things to do!

Like many things these last two years, this procedure had to change. No turn and talk with partners nor with small groups due to COVID restrictions and mandates. 

Today for the first time since March of 2020, we played with words in small groups. At first it seemed so foreign to all of us because we had been spread out across the room all year. But there was a buzz throughout the room.

Today, they were playing. They were engaged. They were learning.

And this teacher was smiling once again.


  1. I think this is a great lesson. I'm glad we are getting back to normal. I love these sentences, exactly how school should be;
    " Today, they were playing. They were engaged. They were learning.

    And this teacher was smiling once again."

  2. That is so fantastic. Teaching is SO much better when we can get kids to interact with each other and be engaged. You are right - it is the little things that make the biggest difference

  3. The social aspect of learning is so important. Glad your students are able to get into small groups once again.

  4. I have had many of these experiences in the last two weeks as well. We've actually had Morning Meeting sitting on the carpet in a circle! I teach 2nd grade so my students haven't done this since kindergarten. It is so good to be returning to normal things in the classroom. April is feeling like September.

  5. Beautiful, right? It's these big things that might sound like small things to some ... that are just so beautiful when we can do them again! I too have been smiling more as I have some normal interactions with classes!

  6. I am sure they were thrilled! This sounds like fun- I think I will give this game a try also with my fifth graders:)