Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Girl Outside My Window #MemoirsinMay

This month in our Time to Write group with Teach Write, we are writing five five-sentence memoirs in this fifth month of year using five prompts from five of our favorite books on writing. Week one is from Natalie Goldberg's Old Friend from Far Away:  What was outside your (childhood) bedroom window?

Outside my bedroom of our two-story house, I see a young girl who doesn’t hide her head under her tear-stained pillow, blocking out the yelling and fighting. She never wonders if her dad will come home late at night or if she will smell the beer on his breath. Instead, she runs into her daddy’s waiting arms and is greeted with a hug and a kiss on top of the head. He swings her around until she giggles and asks, “How was your day today?”

How I longed to be that girl outside my window.

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