Sunday, January 7, 2024

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/8/24


Thank you to Unleashing Readers for continuing to promote reading and great book titles and especially for letting us wayward readers find our way back here.

One of my goals this year is to "read more in "24." I know technically, this is not a goal because it is not measurable, but I like the way it sounds!

This week I completed one book and started several others.

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Running Out of Time was first published 30 years ago but now has a new cover! I grabbed it because of its cover appeal and because it takes place in Indiana, my home state. It is a dystopian story about a group of people who have chosen to live in a history museum. The children think it is 1840, but it is really 1996. When diphtheria makes its way into the compound, Jessie is sent out to the future to bring back a modern vaccine, but she is running out of time. It is what we would expect from Margaret Peterson Haddix. If your students read and enjoyed Among the Hidden by her or Masterminds by Gordon Korman, then they would love this one!

Currently Reading

I am reading All It Takes Is a Goal for a Teach Write book club.

I can't wait to continue Coyote's adventure.

Reading more in '24!


  1. Leigh Anne, for my first children's book (I have 7th graders) of the year, I just started TIGER DAUGHTER, and it seems really good so far! I loved RUNNING OUT OF TIME and COYOTE SUNRISE, too. Read more in '24 sounds like a fine goal. :)

  2. I still have to read the second Coyote book. All it Takes is a Goal is a book I have to look into - not one I'm familiar with, but I like the title.