Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Celebrate the Light

Image by Mike Sampson


world comes


A brief moment

of total darkness

we celebrate the light

and hope we bring each other.

In a collective voice of cheers

my tears of wonder silently stream.


Thank you to the writers at Two Writing Teachers for creating this safe place for us to meet, to share, and to grow as writers.


  1. Your poem really captures the enormity of the experience. It was so interesting to hear people name the experience as something very spiritual. I thought it was very cool to think about how even a little bit of light can pierce the darkness.

  2. This was amazing...a once in a lifetime experience. Your words capture it beautifully.

  3. Gorgeous poem, Leigh Ann! I love the nonet form and I loved your line "We celebrate the light." Truly gorgeous and a perfect poem for yesterday's eclipse.

  4. Leigh Anne, I submitted my slice with a trinet poem late so I am delighted to read your poem. Would you consider sharing this poem or another for my NPM Poetry Parade Padlet that will become a Gallery of Artistic Expressions? Wonderful lines:and hope we bring each other./ In a collective voice of cheers! From your last line, it looks like you might have seen a total eclipse of the sun. Northern VA only got a partial eclipse but that was awesome to me.