Friday, January 2, 2015

I Just Can't Let It Go

I am two days into letting go of my one little word for 2014, and I just can't.  I feel like I should be singing "Let it go.  Let it go."

I started blogging for me.  I still write for me, but I am always touched when my words inspire or leave an impact on someone else.  One never knows how or when our words will REACH others.

Today while I was spending way too much time on Twitter, I found that two of my posts inspired two bloggers to choose a one little word for 2015 for the first time.  You can read Michelle's story at Mrs. Simpson's Reading Connections and Sara's at Memoirs from the Belly.

Our words matter.  Our words REACH others when we least expect it.

Two days ago I saw tweet to Anna at Two Writing Teachers from Marcie.  Now, I had just started following Marcie and really knew nothing about her.  In this tweet, she wanted to know more about the Slice of Life community and what she needed to do to get started.

Now, I know the tweet wasn't to me but I REACHED out...OK I really butted in...and tweeted her back.  I told her to just jump in.  After several tweets back and forth, she now has a blog and has written her first post at One School Day At A Time.  Please REACH out to her and welcome her to the blogging world while I start singing...Let it go....

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