Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ring Around the....

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It is hard to believe that February is almost over, but I am so ready to put this winter behind me.  We had nine snow days, which is the most I can ever remember having.  This week we started extending our school day by an hour in order to make up these days.

Saturday we were given a sneak peek of spring with temperatures rising into the upper 50's.  It was such a beautiful weekend, but I thought my husband was going to ruin it for me.

Saturday I was in the house getting caught up on weekend cleaning.  He was outside picking up some debris from the high winds we had earlier in the week, when I heard him holler for me.

"Leigh Anne, come here and look at this."

I go out and he is just standing there by one of our evergreens.

"Come and look at this," he repeated again.

He doesn't tell me he wants me to look at, so I just stand there kind of dumbfounded.  I look in the tree expecting some kind of animal.  "Uh, what am I looking at?"

"Look up,"  he says.

I look up but am blinded by the sun.  "What am I suppose to be seeing?"  I asked completely lost.

"Come over here.  Don't look directly into the sun"

And there it was...a ring around the sun.  I ran to get my iPad so I could try and be like Elsie!  get a picture!

"You know that means snow is coming."  And he was right, but lucky for us it was just flurries.

Spring, where are you?


  1. Hahaha! NO MORE SNOW! We've had 11 snow days and I'm done too. I want spring. Loved the humor in your post. :) Here's to warmer, sunny days ahead!

  2. Such a cool picture! I didn't know a ring around the sun means more snow. The weather people are saying there are at least two more possible big systems that will bring frozen weather before spring. Yuk! I hope they are wrong.

  3. Super good picture and well worded slice to show your hope, confusion, and worry for more cold. Spring will come. Last year we had six months of snow and cold. Even by the end of March it seemed that winter would stay forever. It didn't.

  4. Beautiful picture -- sort of a last shining moment before the storm Not fair to tempt you with warmth then take it away. Spring will come, soon I hope.

  5. I love that photograph, leigh Anne - even though it foretold snow. I am ready, too for an end to snow - and we have some coming our way tonight.

  6. It has been a winter to remember. I swear the White Witch from Narnia must be moving in. We've missed 13 days--a record since I've been teaching. We, too, started the extended day this week. I think I am going to like it--especially come May!

  7. I wrote about winter/spring today too! I am so ready for warmer temps which we had over the weekend only to be told that snow, ice and cold will return later this week. I think we are all ready for Spring to arrive. Beautiful picture!

  8. What a beautiful picture, Leigh Anne. I didn't know that meant snow either, always heard that it was a ring around the moon. So happy that it was just flurries. We've had a change again too, so cold, & spitting snow. Yesterday it was 60 something. Surely that means a change is coming...

  9. Just heard that the polar temps are coming back again! But seeing a beautiful picture like that is worth a few freezing degrees or snow flakes! Happy learning during your extra hour!

  10. Great capture on that sun ring! I didn't know that means snow is coming? I wonder if it also signals other kinds of precipitation... I'm going to have to do a little research. I'm tickled to have a new question about which to be curious!