Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Forgotten Valentines

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Valentine's Day is a "holiday" that I really do not spend much time thinking about, and my husband and I do not celebrate the day.  Last week I was reading an article in our newspaper that made me think about the day a little differently.

As I was reading the newspaper and eating breakfast, I noticed a headline that read:

"Lawson's legacy lives on:  Valentine's Day widow's banquet continues"

The article was about a man in our town who had a soft spot for widows.  He felt it was important to take care of them.  In 2008 he began to host a special banquet for them with the goal of making sure they felt loved on February 14th.  

He continued hosting the event for four years.  When he died in 2011, his wife felt compelled to make sure the tradition continued, so she hosted her first widow's banquet without her husband on Valentine's Day 2012.

Since then, the event has gained the attention of several churches and even other nearby towns.  The banquet is a chance for the widows to get dressed up, have dinner, and listen to music on a day that is usually focused on couples, a day when many feel isolated.  These women have formed a special bond, a support group, because of the generosity of this kind gentleman.

This past December one of our teachers lost her husband at a very early age.  I know some of my fellow bloggers have lost their husbands too.  It wasn't until I read this article that I realized how hard this day must be for those who have lost their spouses.  I think this man deserves recognition and praise for the tradition he started and the kindness he showed the "forgotten valentines."

This post is dedicated to those of you who may be spending this day without your loved ones.  Please know that on Friday, I will be thinking of you and sending love your way.


  1. What a beautiful story! I agree he and now his wife should be applauded. Thanks for sharing such a great story. I too will take some time to think of those who will be dealing with the loss whether they ever "celebrated" or not.

  2. What a lovely tradition born out of love. Thank you for spotlighting this today.

  3. A wonderful tradition, indeed. And I love the way the larger community participated, too.

  4. Thank you Leigh Anne! I felt the love while reading your post.

  5. This is so beautiful! It is easy to find ourselves caught up in the commercial holiday. Stories like this make us remember the true meaning and restore my faith in humanity. Thanks for posting!

  6. This is a sweet story. Without you I would have never heard of it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I'm like you, Valentine's Day is not a big deal, but your story is so sweet. So thoughtful. Thanks.

  8. This story is so nice and a wonderful gesture. I've always thought the day was a Hallmark holiday, but it's a great opportunity to tell loved ones how much you care. I've never made it about couples, but I just use it as a chance to say, "I love you."

    I also love 2 other stories I've heard. There's one about a man who continues to buy his deceased wife a card every year to show her that she will always be his only love. The other story is about a person who knew they were going to pass away, so they prearranged flower orders for years to come for their living spouse. There's something beautiful about love living on even after death.

    I hope you enjoy Friday.

    Thanks for sharing,