Friday, October 14, 2016

Change - Celebration #21

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

Change brings celebrations.

Our first grading period ended.  We get to take a few steps back to reflect and refocus so that we can take steps forward.  Any time we we get to start again, whether it is the changing of a new day, a new week, a new season, it is a celebration.

Fall poked its head out this week.  Temperatures dropped, delighting us with a slight chill in the air.  Color kissed the edges of the tree lines, leaving behind its lipstick stain among the green. But fall is such a tease, because warmer temperatures are returning later this week.

I am working on a one day workshop that I will be presenting in January.  It focuses on teachers as writers and the impact on instruction in grades 3-6.  Because all of you are writers, you understand why we write.  But many teachers do not.  They are not comfortable teaching writing or feel they are not effective writing teachers.  My hope is that this workshop will give them the confidence to become a better teacher of writing through experiencing the process of writing, building their own community of writers, and understanding how this will impact their students' learning.  I have a lot of work to do, but I am celebrating.

And celebrations bring about change.


  1. So true about change and celebrations!
    Love the way you described fall.
    What a great workshop you are giving!

  2. I love walking out in the morning and feeling a chill. It's still very warm in the afternoon, but the feel of fall is here.

  3. I've felt that lovely foretaste of fall, too. Heading back to school Monday after a break, looking forward to starting again. Hope to hear more about your workshop!

  4. Love those words, "lipstick stain among the green", Leigh Anne. You are a writer, and will give those teachers a great lesson in its importance. Yes, warm weather is returning here this week!

  5. Love reading about your fall tease. Your words are so poetic. We have that nip in the air, and now the rain is here. I know you'll do a great job with your workshop because you're a teacher who writes. I remember when I took my first fledgling steps to becoming a teacher who writes. It was transformative. And it's my online writer friends who keep me writing.

  6. "Color kissed the edges of the tree lines, leaving behind its lipstick stain among the green." Could there be a more perfect line to describe this time of year?

    I am SO excited to hear more about your presentation. I think the thing that comes to mind when it comes to writing myself is that it gives me a chance to experience some of the same feelings that some of my students may be feeling -- excitement, fear, confusion, clarity, etc. -- about the writing process. If we never write ourselves, how can we truly help our students become better writers? It'd be like teaching someone to read without ever having picked up a book ourselves.

  7. It is great that you are sharing the importance of writing as a teacher of young writers. Your own passion will inspire the participants.

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