Saturday, October 1, 2016

Passion - Celebrate #20

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

Today I celebrate passion.  

The subject of a Twitter chat this week was creating literacy communities.  This topic just happens to be my favorite to talk about.  I guess you could call it a passion of mine.

Passion is like kindling.  It sparks an idea into action.  It flames the fire of action into a movement.  And the results of a movement can be life altering.

I think about those teachers who have shared their passion with me.  When we share our own passion, we build passion within others.  When we fan those flames, potential for a wildfire exists.  When we don't, we are left only with small sticks in our hands.

I love to share my passion for literacy with others, especially when I never know how it might be that spark for another teacher.

This week I received this message from a friend who is a curriculum direction in a county school.  She has a friend who is a teacher in other part of the state.  

Little did I know this teacher was watching my tweets and following my passion.

I shared this tweet again this week during the chat. I have shared this many times before, and I even said I am sure teachers are tired of seeing my door!

But this tweet got 15 retweets and 55 likes, more than any other time I have tweeted it.  

It's NOT about sharing my door; it is about sharing my passion.  And for me, that never gets old.

I love this quote about purpose and passion.  I know Ruth is trying to finish her book and share her passion for writing and story with others.  Her work builds my passion.  

And we must continue to do the same for others. 


  1. The quote is wonderful, Leigh Anne, and I love your story of those "now known" followers! I guess most of us read a lot and share as much as possible, so sharing the passion seems like life! So glad you do that sharing about books in the classroom!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing your passion. It is essential! Love your door. Never tire of it.

  3. Great door, greater words about passion for literacy and sharing it. Thanks for the inspiration. I just started fall break. I hope the time off will be a time to recharge so I go back to school feeling renewed passion and energy.

  4. Love every bit of this celebration today, which celebrates a shared passion for literacy.

  5. I love your passion! I work to try to ignite passion in teachers, sometimes the fire is lit, sometimes they just look at me like I'm nuts. Keep sharing, the world is watching and changing.

  6. Keep sharing that passion because it helps spread the excitement to others. :)

  7. You are right -- you never know who you are going to inspire by sharing your passions! It may just be that one person who has been waiting for your words to come along. Keep sharing, friend!

  8. Passion driven educators make the greatest impact. I cheer to you and your passion!

  9. Love the passion for literacy in this post! That door, your book broadcast, your quote - all are wonderful. At the poetry conference yesterday, I heard a teacher say she couldn't wait until retirement so she wouldn't have to go to conferences anymore. Imagine her surprise when I told her I was retired and wanted to be there!

  10. Passion is evident in your piece today. Continue to post away because everyone in education should share their reading lives.