Friday, July 21, 2017

Roots and Wings #PoetryFriday

It's Poetry Friday, and Katie has the round-up at The Logonauts.

Dinner time has always been a sacred time for us the last 25 years. As our children have grown up, we have talked about our days, our struggles, and our stories. My children have also learned to sit and observe the climate of the room before asking for something they want, telling us something we don't want to hear, or making an announcement.

This week was no different. My son told us that he was starting his college time away from home this coming weekend, a month earlier than expected. 

I looked at my husband and found no reaction. Later that night as he was working on his jeep, I told him, "We raised them to have roots and wings. He's ready to fly."

He stopped and said, "I know."  He continued to work the white cloth in one continuous, circular motion as if he was trying to keep the circle of life going.

Today as my son and I were driving in his car, he looked over at me and said, "You are taking it better than I thought you would." 

I smiled.

And so, a new life for us begins and gives me reason to reflect on this poem.  Many different poems have been written about roots and wings, but I prefer this one:

Roots and Wings

Roots and wings are what we give our children, if we try. 
Roots that reach down deep and wings so they can touch the sky. 
To know that they are part of something greater than themselves. 
A harbor in the storms of life to save them from the swells. 

Much more than blood or family, roots provide integrity 
Which rounds out and develops character until they see 
The sky above and try their wings.  Roots help our children fly, 
Yet keep them grounded in the truth so they don't pass it by! 

You can find the entire poem here at All Poetry.


  1. Oh, my.....that really hits home. Just tonight we were talking at dinner with our college girl who informed us it would be better if we didn't visit for family weekend. Huh. Ouch. She's flying. It's ok.

  2. Your family sounds very tuned in to each other, Leigh Anne! Kudos to you for letting him go so graciously! I love the brave poem you quote about giving kids roots and wings.

  3. I agree with Violet, Leigh Anne. Those years of listening and supporting each other count now, too. While a surprise, it seems like your son knows his needs well, and leaving early must be important. How wonderful that you respect that. I love the poem, new to me. It is true, isn't it? There are times when I wish the family all lived around the block, but I moved away, too, my husband & I following our dreams. Hugs to you, and to your husband & son!

  4. My girls have flown and come home just for a few days this weekend. My heart is full and wants to hold tight, but I know that is not the best way. They need to leave. We created them for this. Roots and Wings.

  5. This poem hits home for me, too. Our daughter just finished her freshman year of college and chose to stay on campus all summer to work and complete some research in the biology lab. She said we took it better than she expected, too.

  6. Sounds like you have a healthy perspective! It's hard work, being mature :-)

  7. Kudos to your and your husband for recognizing the wings you helped him to grow, and for letting him fly!

  8. You have the grace to let him make the break with your full confidence in his success. Burying our worries is part of the parent's job. I love the poem. I aspire to do as well one day.

  9. And if you give them roots and wings, they don't just fly away...

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