Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rising Celebrations ~ Celebrate 2017 (nineteen)

Each week Ruth Ayres extends an invitation to share the celebrations from our week.  Why don't you join the celebration?

Isn't it funny how a single word can bring about change?  Changes you think about, changes you hope for,

and changes you never expected.

Today is a simple list of rising celebrations.

In about three weeks I start on my master's degree. After ten years of teaching, it is time to think about different paths.  Getting this degree is the first step.

In one week I will be presenting training/professional development on writing traits for our English department. Focusing on literacy instruction in every classroom in my school has been a vision for me, albeit a blurry one.  The path to what this may look like is becoming more visible (which is the reason for the above celebration).

In about six weeks our school district and (hopefully) our community will be celebrating the book Wonder by R.J. Polacio.  I am spearheading a One Book, One District, One Community project.  Thanks to Katherine Sokolowski for the idea.  Read about her project here.

A week ago Jennifer Laffin, Michelle Haseltine, Margaret Simon and I launched our new chat for teachers and teacher-writers. I think all four of us were rather surprised at the response we received. Check out the #TeachWrite Chat blog with an archive of the chat along with a call to write for the JOY of it.

I just finished our first full week of school.  Another school year with another set of students is always a celebration.

Have a great week, and may you find many celebrations along the way!


  1. A great collection of celebrations! Good luck with your One Book project! I was reading along during the chat...I need to get it together and plunge in next time. Happy to hear you are going for your Master's have so much to offer already and that will just broaden the opportunities to spread the influence of your beliefs about literacy.

  2. Leigh Anne, first of all, I am delighted and honored that you have listed me as one of your reading and writing friends in your right hand column on your blog. Next, I want to compliment you and your team for the great launch of #TeachWrite Chat. Your one word, Rise, has taken you to new heights. Let it continue! I appreciate your support always.

  3. So excited for your new beginning. I hope you love your graduate courses as much as I did. It's fabulous that you're doing the One Book project. The librarian and I set up a book club discussion for Wonder. Hopefully it will be a way to reach some who've read the book and want to discuss it before the movie is released. I'm off now to check out the #TeachWriteChat blog. What an exciting venture for four of my favorite blogging friends!

  4. My celebration was full of my birthday, so I didn't mention our chat. It doesn't mean it was not amazing. I am so excited about our collaboration. I can't believe you are taking on such a big project with Wonder. We had our 6th graders in gifted read it, so I hope we can do something with all of them.

  5. Congratulations on your next journey of getting that degree, Leigh Anne. That, plus your already doing PD for the school & doing the One Book, One School is quite a full schedule, but learning means that, doesn't it? I'm glad you had a good week, my granddaughter begins next Wed. Wow, it all went so fast! And, I was a lurker for part of your chat, and congrats for that. It seemed that there were many who are in need of support from all of you! It was a great start! Best for another good week!

  6. Congrats on the degree! I like the idea of doing Wonder especially since the movie is out soon. That makes me wonder if we could do something like it. Hmmmm. Thanks!

  7. Also, are you going to use the picture book with younger students?

  8. I enjoyed reading your list of rising celebrations!