Saturday, June 6, 2020

Creating a New Space

At the end of this month, this blog will celebrate its 7th year. It is hard to believe that I have been sharing words in this space for that long.

I have grown as a writer, a poet, and a storyteller. When I think about why I started this blog, my answer is simply because I wanted to share a day in my life as a reader, a writer, and a teacher, and I wanted to join a community of writers.

I still want to continue writing here, but this space has grown and needs to be pruned a bit. So, I will continue to share stories and poems and reflections about my life, but my teaching life is moving to a new space.

This week I will be creating space on another blog called Pencils, Pages, and Practices. My goal is for this space is to become a place to share ideas, resources, and what I am learning and doing in my classroom. I hope you will continue to join me here AND check out my new corner in the teaching world, too!

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