Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Sparkle

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, then you know about the EJDs. If you are a newcomer, then let me introduce you to my group of high school friends.

Eight of us have been friends for a very long time. Some for over 45 years. EJD stands for eight jelly donuts. We began calling ourselves that sometime during our junior year because...well, there are eight of us, and we used to do "innocent pranks" with jelly donuts.

This past weekend, five out of the eight got together again for two days of laughing, eating, and relishing in friendship.

It has now become a custom that creative gifts are exchanged. This year was no different.

One of the gifts was a specially made mask. It says, "EJD 2020" and the 0s are donuts.

After we took our picture, I sent it to my daughter. She texted, "Are you smiling?"

I thought to myself how dumb that really was and replied, "Oh, yeah. I guess we didn't realize that no one could tell we were smiling with the masks on."

She says, "Oh, I knew."

"How did you know?"

"I could tell by your eyes. They all sparkle."


Yes, our eyes did sparkle because we were with people we loved, and our joy in the time spent together couldn't help but bubble up and make our eyes sparkle.

This moment made me think about returning to school. Masked. Where no one can tell I am smiling unless they look at my eyes.

I hope they see the sparkle.

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  1. Oh, I love everything about this post! The long friendships of the EJDs and adorable masks. The smiles behind the mask that show your sparkling eyes. My girls and I talked about the smiles behind the masks too ... it's all in the eyes! Keep sparkling!

  2. I love that the smiles are visible in the sparkly eyes. I am happy that you got together with your long time friends.

  3. What a wonderful group of friends, and such fun masks! I'm going to remember to look for that sparkle when I go back too.

  4. LOVE! And, amen sister, you make them sparkle and others will see!!! And then the sparkle and the smile will go on and on. Thanks.

  5. I'm glad you captured this moment. Much is involved when smiling! :)

    I just saw masks that are see through -- then kids can see smiles, deaf kids can lip read, and young kids can learn how to make letter sounds. I do wonder if they would get foggy.

    So happy you keep writing!

  6. Oh yes, they will see the sparkle in your eyes and you will see it in theirs too. I just thought about that the other day in the grocery store with the cashier. I don't remember what was said, but I knew she was smiling by her eyes.

  7. I loved reading another chapter about the EJDs. And I think your students will notice the sparkle!

  8. What a wonderful group of friends you have! Happy sparkling!

  9. Nothing better than another gathering of the EJDs. You have the sparkle even with a mask, but I miss the dimples!