Monday, July 22, 2013

An Unexpected Hero

My grandmother turned 88 this month.  She is still very independent, but shows characteristics that are typically found in the elderly.  Remembering things that happen and the details surrounding them, are sometimes difficult for her.

So, when I was told of an incident that happened Sunday morning, I have to say I was a little skeptical.

Grandma was getting ready for church around 7:00 am.  She looked out the window and saw a little girl with long hair walking with two dogs.  She seemed to be around three years old.  Knowing that the little girl was too young to be outside unsupervised, Grandma went out in her bare feet and robe to see about the girl.  They walked around the block, thinking someone would be out searching for her.  At some point while they were walking, the dogs disappeared.  Since the little girl was too young to know her address, and no one was looking for her, Grandma saw no other option but to take her home.

She called my aunt and told her about the situation, and my aunt immediately called the police.  When the police arrived, they knew the little girl.  As it turns out "she" was actually a boy, and the police took him home, which happened to be several blocks away.

The police called Family Services.  Unfortunately, this was not the first time.  Supposedly, the little boy climbed over his gate and somehow got out the door.  The parents were still home asleep in bed.

I know that small children learn quickly how to maneuver gates, latches and locks, but when I think about what could have happened to that little boy, it makes me sad and angry at the same time.  I have to wonder what would have happened had Grandma not been looking out the window at that time?  What if she would have ignored it?  Were the dogs walking with the little boy sensing they needed to protect him?  Did they know the little boy wasn't supposed to be out there alone?

I don't think this was a coincidence.  God was looking out for that little boy, and at the same time, He gave my Grandma a gift of pride - something everyone needs, especially the elderly, especially the unexpected heroes.


  1. Thank goodness for your grandmother. I am glad the little guy was ok.

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  2. Wow! So glad your grandmother was there. And I love the notion that the dogs were protecting the boy, I believe that could absolutely be the case.