Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This weekend I will celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary.  Some days it is hard to remember what life was like before meeting my husband.  Those first two years were a time of learning about each other, learning about give-and-take, learning about love.  

Our love then, was young and innocent...our love now is becoming seasoned.  I don't need words or gifts, his presence is enough to fill my heart each day and for years to come.  But there are days when the two loves merge and take me back to those first two years.  

I remember.  I smile.  I think about our life together.  I anticipate what is to come.


Love is more than

it’s that smile 
shared across the table
still...for my eyes only

it’s the touching of elbows
sharing the swing
still...stirring the butterflies inside

it's the snapping of the dishtowel
standing at the sink
still...playing like young lovers

it’s falling asleep 
your heart in rhythm with mine
still...after all these years

I am so blessed and grateful for these 23 years with my husband, especially after reading Linda Baie's post over at  Teacher Dance.  What a special kind of love!

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  1. Loved your sweet love poem, Leigh Anne. My husband and I will celebrate 31 years in a few weeks. I think our love is stronger now that our nest is empty and we really spend time together, for each other. You have to keep working and paying attention, as you do in this post. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Margaret. We are quickly getting closer to the empty nest stage, and I am dealing with it much better than my husband. I wrote in my next post that each stage with our children has been wonderful and I am looking forward to what is to come.

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  3. Love, love, love the last stanza:

    it’s falling asleep
    your heart in rhythm with mine
    still...after all these years

    Congrats and continue to enjoy each other!!