Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wise Words From a Pre-school Teacher

After reading Michelle's slice at The Literacy Learning Zone about potty training her girls, I couldn't help but remember some wise words spoken by my children's pre-school teacher.

Seventeen years ago my husband and I were faced with an important decision - whether or not to send our daughter to pre-school.  I had been a stay-at-home mom and "letting go" was not something that came easily for me.  We were very fortunate in that she had a wonderful teacher, Miss Jhan.  Miss Jhan was passionate about the life of three and four year olds.  It certainly made our decision much easier.

I learned a very important lesson from Miss Jhan as I stood in her classroom with tears in my eyes on the last day of school.  It was difficult thinking that my first born was leaving her caring classroom and would soon be starting kindergarten.  She looked at me mother to mother and assured me that every stage of Megan's life would be wonderful.

Megan will be 21 in a couple of days and you know, Miss Jhan was absolutely right.  I look back and remember...
  • the day she read a book to her kindergarten class
  • learning how to ride without training wheels
  • the toothless first grade picture 
  • the first spelling word she missed
  • the day she learned about Santa
  • her first basketball game
  • not being able to unlock her combination lock in middle school
  • walking out onto the court as a varsity basketball player
  • getting behind the wheel of our car
  • her first fender bender
  • broken hearts
  • girl drama
  • prom
  • graduation
  • her first day of college
Megan will start her third year of college in the fall, planning to become an elementary teacher and high school basketball coach.  I am so proud of her, and I look forward to the life stages yet to come.

So for those of you who have young children, let me remind you of the words I once heard from a wise preschool teacher...each stage of their life is wonderful.  Just slow down and enjoy it, because in the blink of an eye, they will be 21!

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  1. Leigh Anne, I noticed that you wrote more than the Tuesday Slice of Life and scrolled down to read this! I needed to read this today! We had a rough afternoon yesterday, and I know most would say to "laugh it off" but it sometimes isn't that easy. Three year olds can be trying . . . as say 16 or 21 year olds! And each age and stage there is so much to enjoy. Thank you for the reminder. :) (When I read your last sentence, I actually got chills thinking about my girls in 18 years!)