Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! 11/23

Each Saturday  Ruth Ayres invites us to share and celebrate events from our week. Looking for small celebrations has certainly improved my outlook on my week. For that, I am certainly grateful to Ruth and to all of you who choose to celebrate with us.

This week I celebrate "newness" lessons and new books!

I tried a new lesson this week in my math classes.  I love trying new ideas, but they are always surrounded by questions.  Will it work?  Will the students be engaged?  Will it push their thinking or help their understanding of the lesson?  

This was a hands-on lesson about lines and angles.  We used pipe cleaners for the lines, wooden triangles for arrows, and plastic circles for end points.  It was a huge success!  What a fun way to check for understanding.  I will definitely be repeating this lesson next year.

Demonstrating obtuse angles.

Our school library had a huge reason to celebrate this week.  Make that a $1000 reason to celebrate!  Our local Rotary Club donated $1000 to our school library to purchase new books.  The shipment came this week, and it just so happened to be our library time when the librarian began unpacking the boxes.  I squealed with delight as I pulled each title out of the box.  It felt like Christmas!  Here is just a small stack of the books that I was lucky enough to bring home and be the first to read.  Thank you Miss Christie! 

My weekend reading stack!

So, today I celebrate "newness!"  

Have a great week and may you blessed with many celebrations!


  1. I read The Matchbox Diary in someone's van last summer at the All Write conference - fabulous book! Locomotive is on my WTR (want to read) list. You have a fun weekend of reading stacked up!
    Leigh Anne, thought of you this week when I purchased milk with a date of Dec. 07 - yikes!

  2. Nothing like a lesson that works and a stack of new books to read. Are we teacher nerds or what?

  3. Yay for new books! I love it when communities help one another to promote literacy.

  4. I love new books! I also love the idea for that math lesson. What a great way to give your students a hands-on way to solidify their understanding.

  5. Great math lesson! I have to remember that with my ELLs. New books always bring me joy! Happy reading to you!

  6. What a great donation from the Rotary Club. i can relate to your excitement over the books. I love the feeling when our school librarian invites me over when she is ready to open the boxes with new books. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Glad that your math went well.

  7. You are the lucky one and what a wonderful gift from the Rotary. The Rotary is such a great organization. I loved White Fur Flying. Some of the other titles are on my list to read. I love your math lesson...looks like the kids are having fun too.