Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Moment of Fear

Two Writing Teachers

I am worried.

I am scared.

Tornado spotted on the ground.

Heading this way.

Kids not answering their phones.

Where are they?

Why won't they answer?

Finally Megan answers.

She is taking shelter.

She is safe.

Still no word from Ethan.

Where is he?

Why won't he answer?

I am worried.

I am scared.

The wind picks up.

The sky goes dark.

The rain pours down.

Knowing Ethan is out there...

I hold my breath.

I pray.

Finally he pulls in.

He is safe.

Relief settles in.

I breathe.

The sun shines.

Worry is gone...

For today.

Photos From Vincennes Sun-Commercial


  1. Oh my gosh, such devastation . . . I keep hearing as I watch the news people saying over and over it's just stuff as long as we are safe. I just keep thinking this is so true but still so devastating. Good luck to you and your family.

  2. Ack! So frightening. Thank goodness you're all safe.

  3. Wow...those photographs are terrifying! Thank goodness all were safe.

  4. Leigh Anne, so much to be grateful in the midst of destruction! So happy that you and your family are safe!

  5. It is so difficult not knowing where our children are and which way the storms will go. I'm so glad that your children made it back home safely and I pray that your community will deal with the damage quickly and return to normal.

  6. OH my goodness, such devastation. I am so glad your children are okay.

  7. I held my breath throughout the entire poem. I'm so glad your family is ok! This is a beautiful and scary and suspenseful poem. I enjoyed it...especially the happy ending!

  8. What terror you feel when you don't know where your kids are, even if it was only a short time. I'm glad you came through this weather. Tornadoes are so frightening because we have no control.

  9. I am glad your kids are safe. We were snuggled in our basement as the storms came through. We were lucky to the worst of it missed us.

  10. Thankful for prayer in times of trouble. Thankful the family was safe. I could feel the escalation of your worry and then the relief.

  11. So glad you are all okay, but guess not everyone was. Sad to see the damage. It was hard with the flooding in the early fall, & some were missing for a while, finally found. I know you must have been so upset, but glad all is ok for you.

  12. Oh my. Don't wish that kind of experience to anyone. Good that everyone is safe.