Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! - 1/25

Each Saturday  Ruth Ayres invites us to share and celebrate events from our week. Looking for small celebrations has certainly improved my outlook on my week. For that, I am certainly grateful to Ruth and to all of you who choose to celebrate with us.

What a week!  Full of surprises, proud moments, collaboration and celebrations.

Monday night eight students from my class presented "Blogging in the Classroom" to our school board.  This year we started a classroom blog and they shared many of their stories and how blogging has added a new dimension to their writing.  They also shared our school blog called The Franklin Bookmark where we share with our students and their families all things about books and reading.  They did a fantastic job, and I was so proud of them.  It is not easy to stand in front of people and speak when you are a ten year old!  

Tuesday was my birthday and the superintendent decided to give me the day off!  (It was actually a snow day...or should I say cold day.)  The kids are constantly trying to find out how old I am.  I don't really hide it from them, but it is fun to play around with them.  My age is a secret no longer...thanks to my principal.  They certainly have no concept of age because they think 50 is really old!  

This day was full of surprises.  A friend of mine sent me these beautiful flowers!  These roses are huge and the picture does not do them justice!

A student, Emma, and her mother came in the night before and decorated our classroom.  She cried when she found out we had a snow day.  But I left the decorations up, so we celebrated all week.  (I was thankful they weren't black!)

Tuesday I was scheduled to present a PD about blogging, but it was canceled for the second time because of snow days.  Hoping for February now.  Wednesday a colleague and I co-facilitated a PD for teachers on our 90 minute reading block.  Kristen was hired this year as a 5th grade teacher, and I have finally found someone who thinks like I do and has similar teaching styles and methods.  It has been so nice to have someone in which to share and collaborate, and I plan to write a slice about our teaching partnership on Tuesday.

Thursday and Friday we had two hour delays.  With all of the snow days we have had, I am really behind, but I truly enjoyed this extra time at school without students.  Most of the time was spent chatting with teachers which is something we have little time for in a regular school day.  It was nice catching up on our families and our lives outside of school!

A busy week filled with many celebrations!

Have a great week and I hope you find many reasons to celebrate!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love that a student came in to decorate your classroom! How fun! What a great week. Thank you for sharing.
    Clare and Tammy

  2. It's always a good thing when things don't go as planned, yet, you look at the positives! It's often a hard thing to do. I'm anticipating some Cold Days off this week for us. This is a winter that will go down in the books!!

  3. Those snow days are treasures when you can also get to school & have the casual visits that just don't happen usually. It sounds like you had a marvelous birthday week, Leigh Anne! One of my colleagues is fifty today & is celebrating in high style too-he seems young to me! Have a wonderful weekend too! And, congrats on all the presentations-hope you also get to do yours next month!

  4. Wow! Look at all the ways in which the people in your life celebrated YOU! Happy Birthday!

  5. January seems loaded with birthdays, so happy day to you! Yay, you have a fellow soul to bounce ideas off of in your school. I think soon you will have more. Word gets out of great things happening, and everyone want to be a part of it. What a good week!

  6. What a fun week you had! Colleagues who are like-minded can really breathe life into our practice. Everyone needs to have a least one great ally!

  7. In spite of the weather, chance of plans and cancellations, you have such a positive spirit! I am so proud of your students speaking in front of the school board. Kudos for both you and them!

  8. Happy Birthday! A day off is certainly an unexpected gift. Overall your birthday week sounds fabulous. I am happy that you have found a colleague you can build a strong partnership with.

  9. Oh my goodness - how absolutely lovely that you had so many celebrating your birthday is some pretty big ways! That principal! Wow!

  10. Happy Birthday! What a great week you had. It is so wonderful to have your students stand up and show the world what they've got. Sounds like you have a wonderful (yet cold) school community.

  11. Happy Birthday! Getting older is wonderful because it means more wonderful moments to celebrate!

  12. Welcome to the 50s club. :) What a wonderful week. I had to laugh when you said it's not easy to stand up and talk to an audience when you're 10. It isn't easy when you're 50 either. I'm so glad to hear that you've found a kindred soul in your building. Those relationships are ones to treasure. Have a good week and hope we can connect in March!

  13. I'm impressed with your students' presentation. What a wonderful opportunity for them to practice real life public speaking.

    Happy Belated Birthday. I know what you mean about students saying you are old. I'm in my thirties and my students are always making comments about how old that is.

    I love the way they decorated for you. That's so sweet.

    Glad you got some extra time off. I know the snow days have been precious gifts here.