Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dreams, the Heavy Ones

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Dreams.  Have you ever thought about how heavy that one little word is?

I am not talking about the dreams illustrated in the dream bubbles in children's books.  Or the daydreams on lazy summer days.

I am talking about the dreams where I want to do something, be someone, or make a difference.

I am talking about the dreams that live deep in my heart and slowly surface until they force me to think about about them or act upon them.

I am talking about the dreams that sometimes make me feel silly

          the dreams that someone laughed at,

                    the dreams that someone told me I could never do.

You know which dreams...the heavy ones.

Dreams push me, but also scare me.  Maybe it was because I didn't believe I could do it, or someone told me I couldn't.  Maybe I didn't know how.  Maybe I thought it was silly.  Maybe the timing wasn't right.

All are reasons why I push my dreams aside.

Dreams are made for somedays.  Not yesterday, today, tomorrow, or never, but some...day.

Last year my one little word was search.  I was searching for something.  I found a seed that is now growing into something more, something better...a dream.

When I chose my one little word for 2014 - REACH,  I didn't choose it with reaching a dream as the focal point.

I chose it because I want to reach out to make my life bigger.  To reach out of my comfort zone.  To reach out to others.

Reaching my dream would just be a perk along the way.

But I do have a dream.  It may take a different path than what I had imagined, but it is mine and I am ready to reach out...to live it...to be it.



  1. Leigh Anne, this is beautiful and powerful! You are so right; dreams can be very heavy. I had never thought of dreams that way until I read your post. I have faith in you. You will reach out as you are already doing that via your blog. Thank you for reaching out to me so many times.

  2. Leigh Anne, dreams can be fun, frightening, and heavy, but where would we be without them? I know that you will make your dreams a reality. Good luck.

  3. I get your idea of big dreams. You may not realize but you do reach so many every week as you blog. Your voice reaches across oceans. By reaching you are making connections. That's pretty cool. Continue to reach, who knows what dreams will be fulfilled.

  4. I love that quote, Leigh Anne - it truly belongs on my classroom wall. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Leigh Anne - Your post is beautiful. Dreams are heavy and scary but necessary too. Reaching out for more takes bravery and belief. Reach may not be as weighty as the idea of a dream but will reap big things.

  6. Dare to dream! Live your dream! I believe your OLW is going to help you.

  7. Leigh Anne, your OLW - Reach - is wonderful. Nothing will be out of your reach and those dreams will come to fruition some day. Keep reaching and searching and especially keep writing.

  8. Leigh Anne, Reaching takes a lot of courage. Wishing you a lion's heart for 2014.

  9. Your post is absolutely beautiful. We all have dreams and often times it scary to go after those dreams. I can't wait to see what happens. I left a comment on my post about sharing OLW with 4th graders. Let's try to connect our kids if you do it.

  10. In the past I've picked a quote that has resonated with me (and my word). Sounds like reaching for your dream works well together. Good luck on your journey, Leigh Anne.

  11. I love your word and I know reaching this year will allow you the opportunities perhaps never imagined! Thanks for reaching out to me. :) Always appreciated. Keep sharing and reaching!

  12. This is so beautiful! I started to tear up thinking of dreams I've squashed because I was scared or someone said I couldn't or I shouldn't do something.

    I'm realizing my life doesn't have to look like others think it should - heck it might not even look like what I thought it would. However, I want to reach too.

    I've struggled a lot this school year. I can't help to think I'm being tugged/pushed towards other dreams. I've been looking on the community college website and finding classes I want to explore. The list of things I'm interested in is long- sewing, feng shui, Chinese, graphic design, spring wreaths, etc. Thank you for reminding me that although it may be some day - I want that day to be now- this year. It's time to REACH for what I want. Thank you for reminding me to dream.

    Love reading your posts,

  13. I love the idea of dreams as heavy. It almost seems like an oxymoron, like dreams should be light and lifting, but then when I think about it, they really aren't, are they? Lots and lots to think about here. Thank you!

  14. This is beautiful. Thank you. I am still looking for my OLW and this post is helping me find a path. Hold fast to dreams.